Scared of girls

Girls talk down to me and bully me and always are pushy with me i never hit on girls cause there always laughing at me I think the meds make me a fat wimp and the girls don’t want a wimp

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How old are you? I didn’t get diagnosed till 29 after a lifetime of mental illness. Always had excuses…always had reasons why I didn’t get women…I was shy, I was this I was that…Didn’t really get myself togther till I was on medication for a while! That made a great difference!

If your fat…do some exercise. I know it’s hard but with time on your side it’s doable! Get fitter…be nice to the ladies and someone will come along…you’d be suprised!

Dont think your a wimp,I am not so scared of sensitive in front of girls because I do need to talk to customer whom is a girl/woman at work.

Being not a wimp doesn’t make them any nicer. They’ll just be jerks regardless. At least they will leave you alone if you’re a jerk back.

no reason to be afraid of girls, they are almost as sexual as men, and they are as insecure as men. not saying big steps, but realize things…its not as bad as it seems.