Scared of effects of medicine

my doctor told me before the people who take em actually live longer but i still worry. u guys wanna help me out by sharing ur experiences with some questions?

  1. how long have u been taking APs
  2. how is ur weight
  3. how is ur diet/exercise/smoking/drinking
  4. about how old are u
  5. how is ur physical health
  6. how stressed r u

mine answers are

  1. about 17 years total
  2. its fine
  3. diet is pretty ■■■■. dont exercise. smoked for prob 8 years. use nicotine now. never really drank.
  4. mid 30s
  5. i think its ok so far. mild heart thing going on.
  6. i think i have a lot of mental stress at times
  • how long have u been taking APs

Consistently for 10 years.

  • how is ur weight

I’m overweight now. Last year I lost weight and my weight was ok. I’ve put it all back on.

  • how is ur diet/exercise/smoking/drinking

Diet is poor. I don’t exercise. I don’t use nicotine anymore. I don’t drink alcohol.

  • about how old are u


  • how is ur physical health

I’m diagnosed with diabetes but take Metformin and everything’s under control.

  • how stressed r u

Not stressed. I take supplements to calm me down and they work well.

  1. Over three decades.
  2. 228 lbs and dropping. Saxenda is fookin’ awesome.
  3. Light exercise, good diet, no smoking or drinking for over three decades.
  4. 55
  5. Crappy, but is due to congenital heart issues and non-genetic Parkinsons, not APs.
  6. Mildly, not like I used to be.

I wanna say 4 or 5 years?

I’m overweight definitely. Need to lose 100 pounds.

My diet is sh’it. I don’t exercise. I quit smoking cigarettes this past October. I drink Alcohol about once a week, though only 1 to 3 beers at a time. Not very much.

I’m turning 29 tomorrow.

I haven’t had any tests done recently but id say im in pretty poor physical health. Im lucky im still young.

I’m usually pretty stressed. All the time.


12 years

A little overweight

Eat once a day, go for a walk, smoke nicotine/sometimes THC


Could lose a few pounds.



been on ap’s for 27 years…love my current ap…generic prolixin…fluphenazine, 10mg twice a day…exercise, stopped smoking two and half years ago…some alcohol but only about twice a year. I am 62. in good health and weight…some heart issues but the doctors are taking care of that.

  1. Ive been on ap meds since i was a teen (about 14 years).
  2. My weight is okay. A little overweight. But i was much more overweight a few months ago.
  3. Ive been eating healthy for a few months. Go for a jog every morning. On nicotine gum. Drink once every few weeks.
  4. Im 30.
  5. My physical health is okay i think. Got a heart syndrome though. Should get fixed sooner or later with surgery.
  6. Im chill in the mornings. Get a bit stressed in the arvo most days until nightfall. Overall stress isnt too high generally. But i dont put myself in many stressful situations either.

I was on 10mg abilify and all this was how it was. Im now on 5mg for the next month and then possibly get off it or stay on 5mg when see pdoc next. See how i go anyway.

  1. Since September 2015
  2. I’m obese
  3. I mostly eat processed foods. I walk for about an hour once a week and sometimes twice a week in the summer. I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs anymore.
  4. I’m 34
  5. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and a fatty liver.
  6. I’m stressed every day about multiple things that bother me.

"ur experiences with some questions?

how long have u been taking APs. * 23 years

how is ur weight. * It’s bad

how is ur diet/exercise/smoking/drinking ** im working
on diet and exercise. I don’t smoke cigs or vape.

about how old are u 43

how is ur physical health average

how stressed r u". Not much. If they’re going to get me they would have done it long time ago

Scared of effects of medicine

  1. 6 years
  2. 6’1 220
  3. living on diet coke and ramen, vape all day, quit cigs, dont drink
  4. 27
  5. Good shape
  6. 1/10

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :cupcake::birthday::cupcake::birthday::cupcake::birthday:


since 2015
190lbs 6’1
dont eat enough veg
ok health
stressed by boredom

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Thank you :grin:


I guess I’ll bite.

  1. 12 years or so
  2. 300 lbs
  3. I smoke, drink monsters, and don’t exercise.
  4. I’m 34
  5. I’m obese and my blood tests say I have high cholesteral and very high triglycerides
  6. I’m less stressed than I was 5-6 years ago
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Meds are a tricky thing. If I hadn’t been switched from generic to original zyprexa last spring I would be dead by now on account of not sleeping. My health was critical, but has been bettering since the med switch.

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