Scared need somebody to listen

Hi guys, my names Matthew. I have schizoaffective and I’ll be unmedicated for the next month. I’m sitting up here tonight trying to reach out to somebody, i’m constantly scared of the world and life is scaring me at the moment. Anyways In particular, I have this fear that tommorow (even though I live in the suburbs) thay somebody is going to try and come to my house with my mom here and kill me, and it’s got me scared.

I hope somebody here can be my friend or just be willing to listen, I just want to be normal, these thoughts are torture

Hi Matthew. I just want to reassure you that no one will try to kill you although I understand how real it feels and how scary that thought is.

Why will you be unmedicated for a month? Will you be able to see your psychiatrist soon?

Thanks turtle, the reason I’ll be unmedicated for a month is because I recently switched psychiatrists, and the soonest this new one could get me in is may 24th. Thanks for the kind words I appreciate it. It’s just scary man.

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Hi Matthew :slight_smile: I really suck at listening, but reading - that I can do. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for people willing to listen who won’t judge you.

Me too, mate. Guh! My psychiatrist makes a very clear stance about not responding to emergencies … I tried no less than 5 times to get the appointment brought forward following a hospitalisation 5 weeks ago or so. Yep, no return calls.

I was convinced that people including my brother wanted to kill me. It was just in my mind and in alive 18 years later now still.


You would probably get some relief if you were medicated. Maybe you should call the mental health service and be assertive about it. They would probably be willing to work with you if it would keep you out of the hospital. I think most of us know how hard it is to talk back to that delusional thinking. You probably need med’s for this one.

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you and your mom are going to be ok Matthew

fear is a good and healthy response to a threat but there is no actual threat, your brain is making that part up

what do you do when you feel scared? how can you relieve the fear? i like to find a comfy blanket and tuck it up around my neck, and watch a favorite movie or just browse youtube for funny stuff… how did you handle fear as a kid?

have you spoken to your mom about your fears? maybe she can help soothe them.

take it easy, you’re going to be ok

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You can order your usual meds from or if you don’t want to be unmedicated all month. That is, if your meds were even working for you. Good luck.

+1 everything that crimby said