Assessment on Monday. One of rehab team and social worker are coming with me. Even though rehab team and social worker have stated relapse is on the cards if found fit for work i am still convinced i am going to fail the assessment.


I’ll be rooting for you that you don’t fail. I am glad you have some people on your side going with you.


i hope it goes well for you , good luck.
take care


I doubt anyone goes into an assessment without fear. It’s a scary process. I know it freaks me out when I have one.


Is it better to have someone come to assesments or go alone? When I had a service worker come with me he/ she did not believe my diagnosis and called the pdoc “a prune that should have retired a long time ago”. I’m still hearing that i’m ASPD from the service worker and not SZ. Good luck to you! :thumbsup:


i havn’t been called for my assessment yet and i’m shitting it. it’s been nearly four months since i filled in the medical questionaire and it’s still with the dr’s. how can it take so long to assess whether i’m fit for work or not? it’s just an extra worry i don’t need right now.


good luck with your assessment, i know i’d be scared :frowning:

i hope you dont relapse because of this though

take care


Thanks all. What doesn’t help is the horror stories you hear. That they don’t start from a neutral/impartial position and it’s geared to finding you fit for work come what may. Of course it could be that those with negative experiences are more likely to speak out than those who had positive ones.
I am not good at being put on the spot with questions being fired at me. Hopefully my support can intervene if necessary,


Good luck…I havent had an assessment since my psych evaluation about a year ago. It was nasty, the results weren’t pretty but I learned from it.

But you should just be confident and honest…it’s not news to you, at least!


Hope it goes OK fire monkey, I know how ATOS behave, I can remember being released from a 4 week section in April 2012 and immediately had to attend the Jobcentre for a WRAG meeting when I hadn’t even had an ATOS assessment yet!?

Appeals are our greatest allies, this guarantees months of being left alone. My next assessment is in May so I can relate to your situation. All the best.