Scared and starting therapy

I start therapy on Monday with a psychologist. The only other time I saw one, I was psychotic and it didn’t go very well. So I am nervous… can anyone give me an idea of what to expect?

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If the Diploma on the wall behind his desk says, 'Successfully Graduated from The Walmart Greeter Program"…



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A good psychologist will be friendly and gentle with you, especially in the beginning.
They will encourage you to open up, so they can learn more about you, before deciding on a strategy.
Nothing you say or do can faze them, they are used to hearing and seeing all sorts of stuff. So don’t feel shy or embarrassed or inhibited.


Yes depends on whether you get a good therapist
I had a very nice lady therapist and she helped a lot unfortunately she retired

You guys will probably talk.

But seriously, at the beginning you will be getting to know each other. Kind of feeling each other out. My guess is that he will probably want to know your diagnosis if he doesn’t’ already know.

I’ve been seeing therapists and psychiatrists for years and I still haven’t been able to cure one.

But I rarely talk about schizophrenia, I usually talk about ‘life’ problems. We may talk about symptoms but I don’t talk about psychosis or my strange delusions. I talk about isolation or low self-esteem

But yeah, i advise not talking about some of the more “out there” symptoms in the beginning. Kind of ease into it. He will ask you a little about yourself. You don’t have to tell him every embarrassing thing that ever happened to you. They respect your privacy. Therapy is supposed to be a safe place, he is not going to attack you or deliberately put you down. They are trained not to do that. In the first few sessions you may want to bring up things that are affecting your life, stuff like isolation or unemployment or shyness etc. The goal is to develop trust in each other.


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Well tomorrow’s (well actually today - it’s after 1am) the day. Got 3 reminder texts. All that read:

Don’t forget! You have an appointment for Initial Individual Psychoptherapy with Tonia on 31 Jul 04:00 PM If unable to attend…

It bothers me that they misspelled psychotherapy…lol.