Scammers got my number

I self published with iuniverse publishing in 2005. for about three months now I have been receiving calls asking me to invest in my marketing…I googled the magazine they said they were going to put me in and it turns out it’s a scam…damnit !!

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I don’t understand, are you saying that the publishing company are scammers?

sorry, I wasn’t clear…no iuniverse is legit…the scammers are pretending to be iuniverse some how…they said they would send out 14 million emails promoting my book for $760. scam.


Good thing you figured it out!


yes, I feel good about finding out about the scammers…one time when me and my wife were still married we fell for a nigerian realty scam…such a valuable lesson…

I’m so glad you figured that out!

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@ZmaGal thank you…I feel scared that they have that info and can contact me but for it to be able to be googled as a scam just by looking it up…they must be pros…

and thank you yesterday for the kindness and caring…

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Yes, there are 1000s of scammers out there. Never say yes on a phone call to anyone you don’t know. The government is trying to do something about them but it’s virtually impossible to stop them. Everyone gets them not just mentally ill people.


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