Scammer in the mental clinic

I was scrolling through face book and a pop up came on about a friend request so I thought strange she was friends with people from the same mental health clinic as me. I gave her a chance then she said h&r block were doing a special give away of a list of people apparently she claims she saw my name on on the list. The give away is only for retirees , veterans and the disabled. She ashed for 1500 up front and my back account number to transfer the money. I finally read enough to cry bull ■■■■. I messaged back in anger and said why is every one scamming the elderly veterans and the disabled? You are a worthless piece of garbage who preys on the sick, old and worse possibily dying. Good bye I’m reporting you . Then I blocked "her:


Woa :astonished: well done on spotting the scam. That’s scary though. Some people will probably fall for it.


So sad.
We get phone call scammers all the time.

Good going @cbbrown! :slightly_smiling_face:


@everhopeful and @Wave thanks but it still is making me so mad. I get scam calls all the time one that commonly calls is a scam involving a supposed 1000 check waiting for me but I have to provide a social security number over the phone


Scams on the elderly and disabled make me sick. These subhuman scum prey on the weak and those who dont know any better. Wish theyd get justice for what they do.

Good job calling her out, thats a blatant one


I got a call today saying my computer was infect with “the virus”. I played with them until they hung up on me.


Never give away your social security number!


Also, never say the word “yes!” They have been using that over a recorded line to say you bought something or accepted something from them. Even if you hadn’t all it takes is when they call you if they ask you “can you hear me?” They do this to get a yes response!

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