SCAM WARNING: Don't let the wrong people mess you up

I wanted to pass on a warning about engaging in alternative therapies for the psychosis as I just stumbled across the wrong thing.

After working an event with therapy people who do shaman/energy work, I had my brain hacked by someone else. I’m having a lot of mental harassment now about private stuff never brought up in my last 11 years of psychosis symptoms.

If you are not familiar with this practice, they claim to tap right into the brain energies & reduce some of the problems people have from mental issues…

As the event involved former drug users and sex abuse victims, I found out one of these mental problems caused by drug dealers and sex abusers is now brain hacking me. It’s been a freak festival since this encounter. I strongly warn you not to get involved with this kind of stuff as it leaves your information open for the wrong people…

I’m really worried I will not be able to work in this part of my state again due to hostile workplace environment or may be subjected to more interceptions by unokay people. This area of state is already violently crazy already and LOTS of discrimination plans in place to harm someone who moves there, almost like putting some in a concentration camp to die according to some residents…

This is not anyone you want these able to know your private information. It’s easier just dealing with the normal mental care, at least these are professional if you act okay & won’t screw up your ability to work…

@Stillperkin, I moved this to Unusual Beliefs. It sounds like you are having problems with targeting delusions again. Suggest doing whatever you can to relax and unwind as stress won’t help. Also, make a point of talking to your treatment team ASAP. Sounds like you could be entering crisis territory. :fearful:

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Hello stillperkin,

I agree that you should stay away from “energy healers” or “shamans”, they’re just scam artists. Be skeptical of all forms treatment, especially “alternative” treatments.

Have you been to your pdoc recently and talked to him about what happened? If not, I suggest you see him ASAP.

Letting the is a lie.

They have always told people that.

Truth is they’ll come and go as they please, whenever they wish.

You don’t have to invite them in. And much of the time they draw you without you knowing it was them.

This is the Breath-Work therapy thing…which involves really loud music & space off time. Some of these call themselves therapists & may practice Reiki too…I just stumbled across this event I had to attend for work because we own the building.

GAWD! Someone else checked out my head. This sent my insomnia spinning out of control bad to have someone new talking to me & harassed about really inappropriate ■■■■ from YEARS/YEARS ago by new voices.

One of the group participants must be a freak & maybe even using this to deal with their schizo symptoms, find someone else to feed to it. I don’t appreciate dealing with whatever was wrong with person from their past drug problems or sex abuse problems of other participants.

If you go to one of these, keep your contact information private. I quit this job if this is the kind of ■■■■ they do there…This is a bad trip man! Harassment went on for couple days following it…