Says a lot

Posted this on facebook only 2/54 friends responded…

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I’ll say hello.

I don’t have any facebook though.

Hello screw facebook…

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Hello to both of you. I hope you are having at least an ok day.

Hello! :sunny: :wink:

hello @firemonkey have a nice day !!

H E L L O!

How are you, FireMonkey?

Hello @BarbieBF @jukebox @Plumber . Not done much per usual but it’s been a good day symptom wise. I hope your day has gone well.

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Hello @firemonkey! You can add me on Facebook!

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Hi having onion soup and watch corries

Send me a friend request and I’ll add you.

I really like French onion soup. I’ve never tried making my own though.

Requested! 15 ■■■■■■■ characters

@samples32 not got it.

Maybe it worked this time. I pressed the back button last time.

I don’t re-share meme images. I am mostly impervious to social pressure. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the person who posted the item, just that I don’t play reindeer games as it were.



I think he meant for people to simply say hello.

I was hardly leaving any one out. Different if I had said hello @ and quoted a selection of names.

hello…hope you are having a good day

hello @shaka3 . It’s been a better one. How are you/ the job doing? Not seen you around much.