Saying bye bye to the barn... oh my

My neighbor who walked up to me the other day, bought my storage barn. They just brought the contents to my driveway… they’re moving the barn, now.

I am sooooooooo tired. And I’ve got a ton to do. Send good thoughts. please.


You can do it !

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Sending you good thoughts @JustTrish!

Get back to work slacker :stuck_out_tongue: I had lots to do but had to come home was to tired

@Wave and @Mountainman

I had to throw in the towel and get him to haul the stuff off. I should have gotten support, for me. I was hoping to make some money off of it.

I saw a bad looking spider, and packed it in, so to speak. Lol


I just wish I had had physical and emotional support here with me. Thanks for the encouragement!

I’ll learn that I’m not invincible someday. Lol


Did you get a lot of money for the barn? Old wood gets turned into furniture worth thousands


It’s just a so rage barn. He got a steal. He just walked up to me and asked if I use it. Then, he offered to buy it.

I WISH I had a reAL barn. I love the country!

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You can do it! It’s worth it to go through your things. And you know you are helping people when you donate. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the encouragement. I’m finally done. I’m too tired to shower. It’s going to have to wait until tomorrow lol


That’s a long day! You must be exhausted!

I am lol 15151525

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