Say "YES" to the morning


I think we szs heard, said and are afraid of the word “no” a lot. Say “YES”.


Good morning @chordy! Hope yours goes great!


Yes to waking up yes to mornings.


I like your thinking @chordy I need to say yes to my mornings I always say no and hit the snooze button


can is say yes and no at the same time and just say…

‘YO’ :stuck_out_tongue: haha


I say ■■■■ you" to mornings. I hate mornings. But saying “■■■■ you” is sort of like saying “yes, I accept the challenge.”

Mornings are seriously shitty, I wake up, feel like a psychotic soggy potato (because I am when I wake up) and then manage to eat the shitty protein meal replacement bar, then choke down the vomit that ensues.

I am not a morning person. I’m going to the primary care doctor to see why I throw up and what to do about it. Nothing wants to sit well in my stomach, which is a problem when you eat 180g of protein and take seven pills a day.

Waking up is just no. I have vivid dreams and dont want to wake up, my dreams went from being fun to being disturbing since my relapse earlier this semester.


I say no, and go back to sleep. 3 or 4 hours later I wake up and things are better - more right.


You may get some nausea while on geodon. However you’ve been taking the med since last year so this effect wasnt supposed to happen now.

@mortimermouse what meds are you taking besides ziprasidone and propranolol?

Have you been drinking too much lately ?

Do you have any pain?


I’m also on xanax. I haven’t been drinking much lately, but when I do drink a few drinks, the gagging stops. There’s no pain, no chest pain or anything. My gag reflex is haywire


i had that for a long time, the doctor said it was down to a bacteria in my gut called helicobactor pylori and that there is too much of it, i had to take omeprazole for a long time which toughens the stomach lining to prevent ulcers but i had an ulcer anyway,

they fixed it eventually but it was horrible, first thing i did when i woke up was puke up in the bathroom or in the sink and it happened frequently throughout the day, not saying this is what is happening to you but when i hear of someone doing that its the first thing that comes to my mind, i have to go get another test for it again as well as i am having pains and take omeprazole again but no wreching so far thankgod, that ■■■■ is demoralising :frowning:


I say no, I hate mornings…and with everyone off to work and school it’s nice and quiet here and I can get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.