Say What About Depression?

I recommend you watch the video:

Could a drug prevent depression and PTSD? | Rebecca Brachman

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The video is less than 20 minutes . . .


I love ted talks! he has a speech about porn too. helped me a little.

as far as I can tell this speech is all about the benefits of ketamine on depression. I know a psych doc who abandoned his practice to go and treat people with ketamine, it didn’t work out so well so he’s now back practicing conventional psychiatry. Its also my understanding that ketamine can throw vulnerable people into psychosis which makes it unfit for me. I do like the concept of the talk and the comparison to illnesses of old. Wouldn’t that be great if psychosis could be controlled or prevented. I would have a new lease on life.


Please, more about the doc who wanted to treat with Ketamine.

Yeah I tried to get involved in some ketamine studies and my psychosis disqualified me…from what I’ve learned ketamine does rapidly improve depression and is the only treatment found to do so, but it also wears off rather quickly…and it’s still going through test trials now so it’s not perfect as of yet.

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Sure, he is a family friend, I used to go to him back before my diagnosis when I had depression and anxiety. He really only treats people with the more benign disorders. I saw him last year at a family function and he gave me his card. Said that he was now doing IV ketamine treatments with another doctor out of a clinic. I asked him if they worked and he did say that they were having great success with it. A couple of months ago I asked my brother(who stil sees him) if he was still doing Ketamine treatments. My brother said that he wasn’t and he was back to practicing full time. I’m not sure why he stopped. I’ve read about ketamine. All the stuff in the Ted Talk basically and that it alleviates depression in like 45 mins. It has no effect on psychotic symptoms

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Tcds is another option for depression that won’t exacerbate psychosis. My doctor suggested it.
I’m unhappy that I can’t do the ketamine. I have used it recreationally in my past life and I don’t remember being that impressed. But they say the depression lifts every time after 40 minutes.

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