Say one word now


Cheers 15151515151515


Just people saying the first word on their mind.

My word is “ambivalent.” Feeling somewhat better but still struggling with head pain.


I’m sorry about your head pain. That must be awful to live with every day. Are you in close contact with your neurologist? What do they say?


I’m going to get a contrast CT scan of my head at some point this year, then will see the neuro.

Appreciate the concern, hope you are well too. Glad to hear your symptoms are in control now.


No more!!!




meow 1515151151


Whatever 37787467


Jesus 1234567890


Christina 6432689


i am having trouble saying the first thing that comes to mind :confused: anyone else get that problem?

like something will pop into my head and then something will tell me its not good enough and to think of something else so i end up looking for a better word but its not the first thing i think of bc my head can be full of nonsense and it can take time to come to a reasonable word,

idk if you get me lol, i’ve had to kind of train my brain a little bit aha

my word us ‘yummybums’ (for some reason i feel like this is the best most reasonable word even though its a bit ridiculous, its making my laugh so its a winner)


Funny 6667uiuytt







wtf is that? were you actially thinking that? haha





Kind of yea lollll…




■■■■. Each time I see the title then read the thread another word seems to come up. First it was “boxing” (as it is what I’m watching) but then the word “■■■■” came to mind.



i’ve been reading too much of 77nick77 posts. lol