Say Nothing A is for Absence

I used to hear ppl put down Starbucks but really aside from the cost they’re really good.


Nope, I disagree. Starbucks is trash. Jk. if you enjoy it, you enjoy it. But I’m a bit of a snob with my coffee tastes. I even roast my own coffee now (as sort of a hobby).

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I’m so nervous about my little outing to Olive Garden tomorrow…

It feels surreal

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What’s wrong with Italians, mane?

I love Italian people.

My brother in law is Italian, and my nephew and niece are half.


Hey monte, not sure if you’re joking or you just missed it. but he was just saying that he was afraid she might eat him since she liked Italian food.

Anyway…hes suspended and cant answer so I thought i would.

Im heading off the forum for the night. been on all day.

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Oh, I was being serious. I didn’t read the part about the joke tho.

I just read a post a long the lines of “You’re not Italian are you?”

And I was like, what?!

Sounds like I took it the wrong way.


Now I get the joke!

Sorry fellas.

I’m thicker than a 70s sandal.


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yeah he said something about his date liking italian food. its cool. just thought I’d clue you in before I head out. Having a hard time finding my way off the forum. Always one more thing to do…

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15151515 15

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The date didn’t work out this week, but my crush still texts me. Usually around 4am. It’s probably the time she wakes up.

Or she doesn’t go-to sleep at all… but falls asleep sporadically. She told me she falls asleep at different houses every day.

I would like to text her all day and talk to her, but she just sends me couple of short messages.

Hmmm How to improve my relationship with her??

A did you add cheese?

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