Say hello to my new robot: Roomba!

Here is a photo of my little vacuuming friend.

And here are the results and what it looks like.


That’s cool. So you would say it works well? How does it handle furniture?

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It bumps into furniture and goes around it basically. I’m still trying to determine if it works well. It did my living room and piano room very well. Now let’s see how it handles my bedroom.


oh yes…roomba is great…my mom has one…it will get stuck sometimes but she always fixes it…

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Yes, mine has already gotten stuck twice in my dining room chairs. But all you have to do is pick it up, put it somewhere else in a clear spot, press a button, and voila! it’s back to working again. So, you gotta kind of keep an eye out on it.

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I just now peeked in my bedroom door. Wow! Roomba did a great job vacuuming. It’s now in my bathroom sweeping. It will be all done with my whole apartment quite soon.

It parks itself on it’s charger when its all done. Really sweet.

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Roomba just parked itself on its charger. It vacuumed my whole place. And swept all the floors too. I highly recommend it.


I like the cute beboop sound it makes when it jumps off to vacuum from the charger…haha


Hey, how’s it going Roomba?
How’s tricks?

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In honor of @SurprisedJ and @kidsister.


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Amazing!!! Cat’s like to mount them and go for rides on them. How cute!!!

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So cool. I have no cats anymore but I love tech. We don’t have any carpet and it’s all just lino so wouldn’t be practical…but still cool how it goes to the base station to charge! Very cool.

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