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i might have a few beers today to celebrate…

I put down the philosophy books a few days ago and found a new author… Bill Bryson

I’m enjoying two of his books very much.

Light reading, no melodrama all humor, not huge 30 chapter novels. Just some fun stories about trying to get out and walk around and do something different with your day.


new found knowlege is a true enlightment J, i also like philosophy and can ponder and be fascinated discovering stuff about it

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I LOVE philosophy and mythology, and Carl Sagan and Joseph Campbell.

But it’s nice to put down the big books once in a while and read something light and humorous.

i sent my ex a text message this morning saying ‘‘philosophy is in a way a search for the truth’’

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Who’s your favorite? I love school of Athens era, I have a spot in my heart for Archimedes of course, I’ve also enjoyed Rene Descartes for the beginning of the modern era… I could go on and on, but what are some of you’re faves?

even though im not with her i like to text her we are finished 7 years now, we had one child who is 7 Cameron is his name i found he is my ancor in this world

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It’s cool that you’re at least still friends. Do you get to see your son often?

yes i see him a lot. he gave me a type of drive to go on…

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they reakon we are all philosophers in life in many ways

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I miss having a drink. I havent been at a bar for a year now.

just be yourself and be what you want to be!! ■■■■ it

say anything? Ok. Here it goes. SKULLFUCK

" pudding "…
take care

I am not doing well today. Lots of voices, anxiety, and paranoia.

They won’t leave me be, new time they make me look at now, 1:44.

Yay! Living in a nightmare!