Say Anything Y is for Yeti

I have a list of suggestions We can vote on soon.

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I have a list of suggestions from various people



Can I please have my tag line be:

a loner who hates being alone

Please? lol


Done. Generally we charge cat pics, but since you are new, I will let it go.


My vape order arrived today, much earlier than expected. It’s small but makes me happy.


I know some of you mostly only visit the say anything thread, so I wanted to let you know that I created a thread for the next category of say anything after we finish Z. I made it separate so everyone is more likely to see it, rather than creating in the say anything thread itself. Thread is here:


I vote for the mythological creatures!

Also, waah. I’m stressed out. And very insecure. I had a talk with the social worker that went very indepth into family stuff, which is painful.

Then I went to a neighbourhood meeting about stigma. With people from my volunteering and professionals and (i assume) nobody with as severe illness as me. I said things in the group (which was terrifying in itself). And because I was so nervous, I think I said stupid and idiotic things. I’m ashamed now. I have to work with these people. It was scary.

Then I went to a church bbq. And somebody asked me to tell a very personal story about a difficult period in my life, and recovery from that. Which was also terrifying.

Now i’m beating myself up inside: everybody will think you are crazy and dumb and weird.

Good news: even being very stressed, my mind doesn’t wander into psychotic territory.


Hey kiddos! :wink:

I haven’t been around the past couple of days because my brother was over visiting. He left this morning though.

Last night I did a fairly big load of laundry. I forgot to wash my Re-animator shirt though. Du’oh! Still got a huge pile of dirties. Mostly joggers and tees. Honestly I feel like dumping all this shite in the trash.

And today I got my snake handling church shirt!!! :smiley:

Eta: Last night I personalized my jean jacket. So far I have three buttons on it. Black Sabbath, Dawn of the Dead and Richard Ramirez. :crazy_face:


Hi, guys! We’re home from camping. It was fun, but now we’re exhausted and don’t feel that great, now.

We camped Sunday night and Monday night. On Monday, we went for a hike. Wesley came with. It was nice. We played some games at the campsite, later. We also did some exploring around the campground.

When we got home, we immediately gave Wesley a bath in the backyard. He was SO FILTHY. His white fur was all gray! And there was so much crap in his fur, like pine needles, leaves, and some tree sap. But now he’s all clean. :bubbles::bubbles::bubbles:

We showered, ourselves, after that. All clean. My hair feels so much better.


been craving beef jerky and spicy



Did you get a chance to catch any Pokemon? :grin::grin::grin:


My work got cancelled today, nothing to deliver.

I’ve been wasting a lot of time on here.


My friend came over earlier with her baby :smile:

It was cute seeing the babies interact with each other


Lol, no, cause we had no cell phone service!


Soooo… I just drove Hubby to the ER. They’re doing the intake now. They wouldn’t let me in the backroom, for the intake. But I think I can go to the patient room with him.

He had a severe vertigo attack, a few hours ago. But the spinning is only in his left eye. He also has nausea and pretty bad stomach pain. He’s thrown up 6 times in the last 45 minutes.

He’s taken Zofran for nausea, which didn’t help at all. And took 2 different meds to stop the vertigo, but those didn’t help, either.

We did a video urgent care, and that doctor said he needs to go to the ER.

I feel so bad for him. :cry:



I may have pulled a job at an old workplace for July 4th weekend.

Fed the kitty.

Not feeling the best but oh well.

Gonna find a movie.



I hope everything turns out okay. :robot::robot::robot:


Skunky mane! Hope you feel better soon. Let me know of any good modern horror flicks that are good. :slight_smile:

@Blossom Oh no! I hope your hubby is okay.

@Human Awww that’s so sweet! I got a rad Nirvana hat today. :slight_smile:


Yeah, they even held each other’s hand for a little bit😆

Oooo… niceeee!:metal:
Baseball cap style or beanie?


Awww! That’s so cute! :blush:

But the Nirvana hat is a black baseball cap. It has the funky smiley face on the front and the Nirvana logo above it.

I got it at Walmart for ten bucks. :slight_smile: