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Being unable to sleep while having plenty of energy sounds more like mania than insomnia. Are you schizoaffective by any chance?


Whoops. Wasn’t meaning to imply mania.

Just that after returning to normal sleeping habits it becomes harder to wake up.

Have to find something to feel energized about.


It’s so full of win.


No this is the best.

I like to do that part… I got it memorized lol.

“I’m Ramone von Clackenduckentacklefattonhousen and my wife survived the Snappytrickenpintopacker syndrome with the help of the Fesserlippenchip Chalkwitheringlicktacklefeff foundation.”


How do you feel when interacting with lower functioning/sicker SZs? Do you feel sad, bad or irritated by them? Do you ever get annoyed with them and then feel bad for it because you know it could be you or has been you?


Hi folks. I slept well last night. Now I’m just gonna walk to the gas station for snus and a bite to eat. Hope everyone is doing well.


Hey Skunk! Nice to see ya online :slight_smile: I’m just waiting for my official grade to be posted, and listening to music.

Enjoy your walk!


Love it,

They were all so young!


made my grocery run with mom. we went to the good grocery but I still just got canned soup and frozen pizza. $32 dollars worth. that should get me by as the snow storm approaches. the prediction is 3-5 inches of snow. nothing compared to what they get up north and on the east coast but hey…we’re sitting in usda hardiness zone 6. I can almost grow hardy almonds and arbequina olives here…just a hair too cold im told. but it sure does seem like it’s getting warmer. some people will say global warming and I could be led to believe them, but I like to call it galactic spring. an aligning in the heavens and just a warming period before the next ice age.


I’m listening to Adventist radio. They have wonderful health food programs and other programming.


I finally was able to check my final grade online…

I GOT A C!!! It’s official now LOL.

I love you all!! LOL.

:joy: :v: :heart:


I finally got my Lush order in the mail today! So excited!


Congratulations, @Montezuma!

I’m so happy all your hard work paid off with a passing grade.


Thank you @goldenrex!!! :blush:

Omg I’m so happy. LOL!

Yeah, that class was pretty grueling. The hard work definitely paid off though.


I got my fish oil and NAC. I’m dealing with a bad cold.


Good going, Monte! Congrats! :grinning:


I’ve had a pretty good day, productive too.

I made a to-do list this morning with 13 items, and so far I have crossed off 8 of them. I feel pretty good about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

One of them was showering; I’ve done that five consecutive days now. That’s unheard of for me.

The best part of today was seeing my former pooch. She was all over me, so excited to see me. She’s such a sweetheart.


I feel a little better today compared to the past weeks. Almost like waking up from a bad dream. I think I may be coming out of this depressive funk. Cleaned the living room today and even showered. I plan on cleaning the kitchen and bathroom this weekend. Hoping I get it done. Lord knows they need to be cleaned.


That’s good. When we were kids I bought a puppy and it got attached to one of my sisters but after she left for art school the dog wouldn’t have anything else to do with her.

She was pissed she left her.


2 hours until bed, it’s almost here. nights suck. I just sit here and do nothing.

mom invited me over for dinner tonight which was nice, they had some franzia boxed wine in the fridge but they wouldn’t give me any.

I don’t think my sobriety is going to last, I was so tempted to buy some alcohol today but didn’t. I can feel myself slipping already. I haven’t had a drink since October 16th. if not soon, I will let myself have a drink come april. probably a margerita at the local Mexican restaurant.