(•ө•) Say anything! xxxvii 🐧



That makes sense. She’s taking a downer and imbibing in another downer. Bound to cause some physiological distress. If she goes to urgent care she’s gonna get her rear end chewed. Hope she’ll be okay.


Skunk may tell his arschloch neighbor to turn his TV down. I don’t like being a crabby skunk but ■■■■. I think he has a lochenkopf


They gave her a steroid shot and are doing a chest X-ray and then a breathing treatment


Well please let us know how she comes out. :grinning:


She has bronchitis. I had it a few months ago so she didn’t get it from me. At the pharmacy picking up 4 scripts. She is in the truck.

Wants me to bring her some cold beer while she waits


We are at the 24 hour pharmacy. They told me 45 minutes. Going to be up past my bedtime.

Our pharmacy closes at 8.


I’m so happy you asked :hugs:

I was wondering if anyone noticed my activity dropping.

Truth be told, I’m a little guilty for getting people worked up about my working a whole two weeks :roll_eyes: only to quit like a ■■■■■. So I’m in exile right now. I’m doing okay tho.


I love workaholics my favourite series by far. The same creators made a movie called “the package” if you like that sense of humour you should watch it! It’s new so you’d have to download it :slight_smile:


Good to see you back online, homie!

No need to be in exile.


The pharmacy went fast tonight. I am home 5 minutes before bedtime. Just have to get the dogs in.

The wife said she is not tired anymore. Back to drinking beer


I’m going to bed early tonight. Goodnight everyone.


Have a goodnight sleep.


I am going to bed too. 20 minutes late.

I dropped a Latuda down the sink earlier. And I just found a Benedryl on the floor.

Sloppy today.

Good night :sleeping:


Orientation was fine, got home a little while ago. It included a tour of campus, including going into most of the buildings. They have very nice facilities; I’m impressed.


Goodnight 567896


Haha. Skunk showered. Skunk is now gonna study ham radio. Skunk’s neighbor turned his TV down. Skunk watched and loved Gotti. Skunk is not a big fan of Travolta but Travolta wasn’t revolting. Haha.



I’m at 251 pounds as of today. I’m still dropping weight without trying. Two years ago I was at 285. I hope I’m not sick with something. I guess I’d know if I was or at least I’d like to think so. The big C worries me of course. Docs have said before that hormones can do that to a person.


I left my apartment for good to get peace. I’ll miss my cats. I had to leave bc my anxiety ■■■■ thru the roof and I kept having falling dreams. Im better now just camt shake love but I’m on a tight leash. Hooks I feel like there are hooks weird but part of my psychosis. I am better now and doing better. Its different when you accept things.and you don’t just fight it… Im a psychotic person always have been just realized I’m just completely damaged goods. :grin: my husband loves me


My meds aren’t working but I can’t go back on something that causes heavy weight gain or sedation again. My mom was confused when I got schizophrenia. Was just starting to come to terms when I was dating and working. Then I relapsed. When she also saw me getting fatter every month and having worse sedation she really couldn’t stop being mad at me. I want to let it go but my mom is really strict on me and I feel I can’t just give up on life. Ugh…


Hopefully I can sleep tonight. I didn’t sleep worth a darn last night. No hallucinations though. Just need to lapse into sweet unconsciousness.