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I should at least walk to the library as it’s not getting any closer with me sitting on my Duff. Hmm. Do I want to risk slipping and sliding or should I stay in where it’s warm? If I was smart I’d do the latter but this skunk isn’t that smart.


How many blocks away is the library?


after drinking coffee all day I finally ate something. my dad left a can of bean and bacon soup in the cupboard. I’ve never had it, he buys it but it never seems appealing to me. finally because I had nothing else to eat I warmed it up and ate it. it was not very good. I don’t know why he buys that crap. but at least now ive ate something today. it’s ridiculous and I still don’t lose weight.

they took off, they went to the boys basketball game. boy am I sick of basketball, I stopped going to the games. they wont get home until late tonight, the game was an hour away. I need to get them to take me to the grocery some time.


Made the death defying journey to the library. A whopping 4 blocks, if that. Haha.


Good for you. It is a nice little victory :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


It was a little snowy here and cold but its January anyway. Hope you all feel mentally good. Have a good evening.


well I drank the last of my coffee. now that mom and dad live across the street there will be no one to give me coffee in the morning and im not going to buy more so this is it. I think im over the cigarettes so now I will quit coffee as is my new years resolution.


I love living in the city. you can walk to everything.

often times when Im looking for work I will just go to the library all day and get on the computers. take breaks and have some coffee. I like libraries.


the beast of the earth forced us to worship the beast of the sea.


Out to eat with my girls again

Sheba is having chicken tenders. Dakota is having turkey and I am having shrimp scampi.


I tried shower negotiations again,

She smells like diapers and cigarettes.

Not even trying to be mean,

She needs a shower.

So, she let me wash her hair in the sink and promised to try to take a shower tomorrow.

I’ll take it, at least that’s some progress and got rid of some of the cigarette smell.

Sorry for bitching about everything so much,

Its just been a very frustrating day.

I’m losing control of the situation and its becoming apparent that I can’t take care of her and she definitely can’t take care of herself.

Since my therapist ghosted me I have no one to talk to about this kind of stuff.

Thanks everybody for being a sounding board for my weird MIL problems.


I’m making a fortified rice dinner tonight. So I got a Python coding book at the library and I downloaded a compiler to my Kindle and my HAM radio test is January 22 so we’ll see how that goes.


Y’all are talkative today! I’ve been mostly mia. I’ve been having a rough day. Not terrible, just rough.

Anyways, we’re about to sit down and have dinner. No one feels like cooking so we’re having frozen pizza. Should be appropriately terrible.


I’m watching Gotti atm. It’s pretty good so far. My rice dinner was awesome. It’s probably good that I can’t smoke my pipe inside as I’d be lighting up left and right. Just having a chew tonight. An ex friend’s mom used to tell me that no girl would ever kiss me if I chewed. I was like…hmm. I don’t think I have to worry about that. Haha.


My wife is drunk and on Ambien and says she can’t breathe. Wants me to take her to urgent care.

This should be fun. Whenever she gets off the toilet that is. She sits on the toilet for a half an hour doing nothing.


I’m sorry, man.

That sounds like a terrible situation.

Maybe by the time she gets off the toilet she’ll realize she can breathe and just go to sleep.


That sucks. You don’t need that. :t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:


Man that sounds like a nightmare


Sorry you have to deal with that @TomCat. It sounds like an awful way to spend an evening.


That’s rough. Does she sound like she’s breathing shallow?