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OK getting naked for the sake of a good internet connection :smiley:


So in an effort to better myself I think I want to learn some coding. I just don’t know where to start. Maybe Python or C++ as I can get a compiler on my Kindle.



I tried to help my MIL take a shower, but she’s refusing to get in at all.

Its been well over a month since she’s bathed and its getting out of hand.

She says its too cold or that something hurts so she can’t do it.

I’m sick of excuses!


Tell her she has to take a bath or you’re going to send her to a facility.


We’re about to that point,

But it’ll be a couple months before my husband and I will be financially prepared to send her to a care home.

So its kind of a hallow threat right now.

You’d be surprised how much it costs to put someone in assisted living.


the behavioral hospital I was in is hiring a therapeutic worker for 3rd shift. im like what is a therapeutic worker, by the title I assumed it would be arts and crafts coordinator or something but all the patients are asleep 3rd shift. I would apply but I don’t want to commute to the city and they probably wouldn’t hire me anyways.


Okay, say that you’ll stop funding her cigarette purchases if she doesn’t take a bath.


I’m sorry @goldenrex

I can’t imagine what it’s like for you. You’ve given up so much of your freedom. But from what I’ve read of your posts the last several months it looks like she has you right where your Mil wants you. Tough situation to change but I’m glad you can come here and air your frustrations.


Python would be better if you’ve never programmed before.


They don’t take your finances into account, just hers, to apply her for Medicaid. From there the facility you choose would take her Medicaid and Medicare along with her disability. You don’t have to pay them.


Her cigarette supply is a source of great controversy in the house.

We refused to buy her cigarettes so she had her mother send her a few cartons in the mail.

But I get what you’re saying, use whatever leverage I can to get her in the shower.

@ThePoeticSkunk, thank you, I’ve been airing a lot of grievances lately.

@ZombieMombie, We just got her enrolled in MediCal, which is California’s medicaid. She’s too young for medicare right now. We had her apply for disability and because she’s about to be on dialysis she’ll likely get approved, when she does, then we can talk about a care facility, until then we’d have to pay.


I just hate you have to put up with it even a couple of months. You can still use the threat that in a few months she’s going if she doesn’t straighten up.

Why is she going on dialysis? Is it from chronic disease?


I’m about to pick up my first programming language, trying to decide between Javascript and Python. Javascript has React Native, which allows Android / iOS cross-development, whereas Python is better for data science, but that’s not my strong suit. They’re both in fairly high demand.

I’m probably going to do Javascript for 6-8 hours a day, and C for 2-3 hours. I’m into C for the potential of developing input devices someday.


She’s got stage 4 renal failure from uncontrolled diabetes.


How has your stress levels been affecting your sza/sz dx? Hopefully something will shake loose in the near future so you can get a little bit of a respite.


I’m at the building for my orientation, about to go in. I got the laptop, they’re loaning it to me for two weeks. Got my pic taken for my ID, as well. Well, it doesn’t start for another 15 min, but I’m going in.


I’ve definitely been more symptomatic because of the stress,

But I have to just push through,

No one else can take care of her.


Good luck!!



Best of luck @freakonaleash

Let us know how it goes.



Good luck for you. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: