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He was handsome in amazing grace but I think he’s younger than me.


LOL! You crack me up Skunk. :joy:

How did your appointment go?


still haven’t received my invitation to my friend’s wedding. it’s a couple months away but still im starting to wonder if he changed his mind about inviting me. he asked for my address about a month ago but I haven’t got anything in the mail. to be honest im not real thrilled to be going to the wedding. well the wedding is fine but I don’t want to do the reception with the dancing. im ok going or not im just wondering about that invitation, if I don’t get one im not going to go obviously.

im wondering if his wife doesn’t want me there because of my arrests back in town, im not sure really. he’s kinda a prick about gossiping about people anyway, to be honest I don’t always like him but I don’t have many friends so I don’t replace them.


MIL just had another bathroom related accident.

I’m just not equipped to deal with this.

Its starting to make me depressed.

I know I have to make it through the next couple months at least,

Its going to be hard,

This has slowly become more than I can cope with.

Little things are starting to add up and I’m drowning in it.

My husband calls it death by a thousand cuts.

Sorry I’m such a broken record lately,

I just don’t have anywhere else to vent.


My dad wants me to clean up around the farm but it’s freezing :cold_face: outside. I got started.


Good grief! Make that woman wear Depends. You don’t need this. How old is she? We used to joke as CNAs that it was amazing how knee or other surgery made people incontinent.


Vent away my friend!

That’s what we’re here for.

Gosh, I wish I could help. I’ve just never been in such a situation.

Can I give ya a cyber-hug @goldenrex?


My aunt finally had to put my grandma into a nursing home. It was a really good one. It didn’t smell like urine. It was clean. There are good ones out there.


I hate being disabled makes me feel so weak.


I hope you’re able to go to your friend’s wedding @Boogaloo.

I personally love weddings. They’re a great place to meet single women at.


She’s only 64,

And she does wear depends, its just still a mess.

She has had a hip replacement in October, so could it be related?

And thanks, @Montezuma!

I appreciate that.


Hi @Montezuma

I’m in the waiting room now so getting closer. Dad and I almost got into a fender bender cuz of some idiot. I heard a whole string of curses from my dad for that one. He’s funny when he cusses. Think MFer and rooster lollipop.



@Loke, that is a very good idea. The only obstacle is with the GI bill I can only do one degree at a time. And I don’t have too much time left in my benefits.

I’ll probably do the philosophy and law degree. It’s at a veteran friendly, and respected school.


No. It’s laziness on her part unless she has an actual condition to cause her to lose control.

We just joked about it because people in their 50s and 60s got too lazy to get up and would mess themselves. It was ridiculous.


I don’t know what’s going on with her,

She could just be ignoring the “nature calls” signs,

But I feel that’s nearly impossible because these are #2 accidents.

Oy vey.

I don’t know what to do.

She thinks its diet related, which comes around to being my fault because I make all the food around here.


Fuucking mozzies are chowing me i cant get rid of them.

Ive got fan full blast and they refuse to leave !!

I even have this plug in the wall thats supposed to help.

I look like i got chicken pops from all the bites !!!


I seriously doubt it is your cooking. It sounds malicious. But I am of the opinion she is abusing you anyway.


I doubt its the cooking too…


well got some good news today. I’ve been approved for Medicaid. I will probably stay unemployed and on Medicaid for at least another year or two, then I will go back to work. the free healthcare is nice but I need money for retirement. I don’t want to live in Indiana my whole life in this trailer.


I stepped outside to start cleaning up the farm. It’s -3 Celsius out there

It’s cold in my house too.