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Maybe you can collaborate on a book.


Good to hear that school went well for you. So what’s gonna be your next class? You mentioned going for a bachelor degree. Have you settled on a major yet?


Yeah, I’m definitely gonna go for a bachelors now.

I’m still a little unsure about a major. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 though. It’s either going to be psychology, or philosophy and pre-law.

The psych degree I can get way quicker, so I might end up going for that one. But the philosophy and law one sort of strikes my interest a little more.

So it’s a tough call.


I will call to reschedule soon.

He is fine. Turns out the white spots aren’t strep. Leaky sinuses. He can go back to school tomorrow and just suck on cough drops.
.thanks for asking :slight_smile:


Law sounds like a fascinating field. The only law I know is double jeapordy. That’s where if you answer the question right you get more money.


Good news everyone. They’re gonna reinsert my body. And I won’t remember nothing. Nothing. And I’m gonna be someone important. Like work on Wall Street. I’m gonna run a hotdog stand. Wish me luck.



I’m so frustrated with my mother in law and its still morning.

She’s cancelling PT because she “pulled a muscle in her leg” putting her shoes on this morning.

However, she’s still going outside to smoke.

Its like we’re going backwards, I’m so tired of it.

Doing all the work while she makes excuses as to why she can’t get better.

I’m not going to live like this forever,

She’s got to go to assisted living or something.

Its going to be a couple months before we can even consider that, financially.

What a mess, what a effing mess this whole thing is.


I hate seeing people taken advantage of and that’s exactly what this seems like to me.


The longer this goes on the more it feels like that.

I’m exhausted,

I just dread waking up to it.


I definitely understand that. I guess just hang in there and hope these months pass quickly til she can get into the assisted living place. I wish there was something more positive I could say.


That’s really the only advice one can give in this situation,

Just hold on.

Thanks, @disciple.


Have you tried calling her out on it? I would.

Something like, “so, you can’t do PT, but you’re mobile enough to get outside for cigarettes?” I’d also throw in, “this is ■■■■■■■■,” but that’s just me.

I know she’s your husband’s mom, but damn, this has gotten completely out of hand.

Seriously, take an attitude with her; she’s earned it.


I know, I know.

I’ve been kind of giving her the cold shoulder and making her ask for help instead of just providing it.

I’ve also been ignoring her moans and groans instead of asking her what’s bothering her.

The less attention I give the situation the better.

I talked to my husband about this very thing and he’s as frustrated as I am,

We just don’t know what to do.


Fuuck i gotta shower !!


Go in for the quick degree then go back and study what you want.


Actually tell her that if she doesn’t start doing for herself she will go in a home. It got my mom to try to do more. She ended up in one anyway, but only when she really couldn’t do stuff.


I’ve learned that what you have (material) is not important. It’s what’s in your heart that matters.

I worked hard to get an engineering degree but ended up MI anyway. I wanted the prestige of being an engineer.


I just watched amazing grace yesterday. Ladies, who is better looking Benedict Cumberbatch or ioann gruffold They’re my two celeb crushes. But watching the movie with both makes it hard to choose

Yesterday Ben had my vote.
Should I make a new thread?


I just showered for the fourth consecutive day! :slight_smile:

Not a big deal to some, but it’s a big deal to me.


Well he makes a good Dr. Strange.