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Bought nac and fish oil. Ate some fruit today. Have a cold.


Hope you feel better soon. :blush::blush::blush:


I’ve got so much to think about these days,

Its exhausting.

My husband and I are thinking about this new job offer that’s on the other side of the country,

We’re thinking about what to do with my mother in law.

Things are getting worse with my mother in law and its slowly becoming clear that we may not be best equipped to deal with her mounting issues.

I’ll keep trying to keep up with her, but in a couple months if she doesn’t improve we may be looking at sending her to a facility that can better suit her needs.

She won’t do her PT, she is continuously “sick” somehow, she’s still walking with a walker due to balance issues, she has bathroom type accidents regularly, and the only thing she can be motivated to do is go outside and smoke a cigarette, which she’s not allowed to do anyway.

Its all just too much and I’m not exactly well myself, you know?

We ( my husband and I ) talked about it at dinner last night and agreed to see how she progresses over the next couple months and then start making some decisions.

With the work thing, I’m convinced its going to take a lot more than money to make my husband move away from California. He really loves his job.

So I may not need to be worrying about that so much either.

Oy vey.


I’m trying to cut back on drinking but I feeel like I’m just taking baby steps at this point. It’s all I’m capable of apparently. I disappoint myself every night.


It’s a world of pure imagination.



We’re having ham steak, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob for dinner tonight. I’m excited. I’m so hungry.


That sounds delicious!


That’s a ribsticking meal you have there LED


Sleep is strange went to bed at ten. Now I woke up at two as if its time to wake up. Oh well i’ll just stay awake n then sleep again. Not like I have work or volunteering tomorrow.


@goldenrex It’s good that you were able to talk to your husband about all this and come to some kind of conclusion about how to proceed. It really sounds like she needs to be in some kind of facility from what you’ve said. Hopefully you will be able to hold it together until something can be done. Take care of yourself.

@TheStrange It’s good that you’re cutting back on drinking if you think that’s what you need. Just take it one day at a time, little by little. You’ll get there.


I’m getting a headache. :sob: Hopefully the Excedrin helps. I can’t afford my migraine medicine, so I really can’t afford for this to turn into a migraine.


Went from super depressed to suddenly swaying and tapping feet and lip synching lol.

It’s gonna take a lot to drag me awaaay from youuu
There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever dooo

Lol. It’s too good.


Took some L theanine today and I would say I feel better in terms of both positive symptoms and anxiety. My attention span is better and I’m not ruminating as much.


I don’t know if it’s just because I’m not really paying attention to what they’re saying, but I keep hearing people on the tv say my name. It’s really annoying.


My headache is finally starting to calm down. Hopefully I can sleep off the rest of it.


Got home from teaching just a short while ago, about an hour later than I’d like. I stayed after to use a computer, then also had to stop for gas.

I had a good night of teaching.


Glad it went well!


Thank you!!



I am feeling much less stressed. The hospital I was at was a terrible place. Couldn’t go even 24 hours without someone freaking out. Saw a dude get kicked in the ribs for literally no reason and people yelled a lot. I think the hospital was a detriment to my mental health this time around.