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I would go back to bed but don’t feel sleepy, just lazy


I’m kinda bummed that the shirt I had planned on wearing today is all messed up, needs to be thrown away. It was my least favorite dress shirt, but it was my only clean long-sleeve.

So, I just spritzed another shirt with Febreze; now I have to wait a little while for it to dry.

I’m going to arrive on campus much later than planned. Oh well.


Me too. Itook a Klonopin. Sleepy,tyawn


There are Airbnb guests in the flat below! Free heat for me!


My birthday dinner last night was awesome,

Had a lot of fun getting out of the house and talking with my husband.

Still have leftover bread pudding to enjoy later today.


I want to do something interesting


Bread pudding is amazing!


He’res something not static and boring and causing the site to be dead brain:

in 2010, Obama sent home 10 Russian spies in exchange for 4 there, the thought was that they wanted to infiltrate the gov, and were much more dangerous, and they were sent home because the FBI didn’t want to reveal surveillance issues. Remember, when they asked me, Who are you? Where do you come from? It was meant under FISA that I was considered not even a natural born citizen here.


I’m glad you had a great time!

I love bread pudding.


My youngest son has strep, I think. Sore throat and I saw a few white spots. Made him a doctor appointment for tomorrow.


Is that contagious? If so, I hope the rest of your family doesn’t get it.


Very. I am hoping the rest of us avoid it.


Heys peeps. I’m doing good. My support worker brought pizza today. Yummy!. So now just meowing around. I don’t know what meowing means but that’s what I’m doing. :slight_smile:

Hey @Montezuma

Physics totally rocks but if you do chemistry don’t think of orbits as planetary orbits. It will make things more harder than they need to be.



I’m worried for my friend. He was supposed to come by, and he texted me saying he was running late. That was 5 hours ago.
He hasn’t responded to any of my texts, and I am, as always, fearing the worst.

This has happened before, and in a majority of the cases it has been due to medical emergencies.
I’m thinking anything from dangerously low bloodsugar, to another blood clot. Or worse!

Gah I hate it that I’m such a worrywart!


I hope he is safe and just had something come up. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I’m the same way. I worry a lot and assume the worst case scenario. Hope it turns out okay.



Physics rocks. But if you do chemistry don’t think of orbits as planetary orbits. It will make things harder than they need to be.



I’m home from the hospital.


How are you feeling? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Sooooooooooo damn tired, hope tomorrow will be a better day.