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The guy helped me move my table so the air from the radiator could get around. He told me the thing that senses how warm it is gets it wrong because my table traps the air.


It’s 8 am, and I’m up, having coffee and cigarettes. I slept pretty well last night, feel refreshed.

I hope y’all are well.


Glad to hear that you slept well, @freakonaleash. I am still tired.

I have SO MUCH to do today! School work, post office, UPS, grocery shopping… it’s overwhelming.


Sorry to hear you’re feeling so overwhelmed.

I have a lot to do today, too, more than I would like. It’s the price I’m paying for having been lazy yesterday. I have to get to campus way early to do a lot of stuff on a computer, since mine is not working, really need to get it fixed.

What is your major in school? You’ve probably mentioned it before, but my memory is crummy.


Having a pretty decent morning. Woke up early, as I have been for some time now. I usually don’t like the mornings but I’ve almost gotten used to it by now. Had coffee and wrote a poem, then wrote a blog post. I am off to a good start.


Hi @Happy_H! :slight_smile: Nice to see ya online.

How is school going for ya? I’ll be graduating later this year with an A.A. and an A.S.


It’s about a quarter past 9, and I’ve had my coffee, eaten, and taken my meds, just listening to some Rammstein now.

I’m making it my goal to be in the shower by 10. This will be three days in a row that I’ve showered, something I haven’t accomplished in a while. Maybe I can shower tomorrow, too, make it four consecutive days :smiley:.


Good morning :slight_smile: I need to shower too, it’s so damn cold here though.


Good morning, Monte. It’s quite cold here, too, but since heat is included in my rent I can keep it as warm as I want in my apartment. That’s one of the few nice things about living here.


I’m probably going to get NAC and Fish Oil. I need to do something.


I feel like hiding from the world today, but i should go to work, ugh


I feel the same way. I need to go grocery shopping. But I just want to stay in my apartment all day. Ughh.


I’m with you on that, @Mountainman. My “get to work” alarm has already gone off, yet I still haven’t gotten in the shower, stalling.


How are you feeling today @insidemind?


Better mentally but now have a cold.


Meeting my friend at Waffle House for lunch in just a few minutes. Haven’t felt like doing that in quite a while. Hope it goes well.


Have fun! Waffle House sounds really good right now!


Well, I’ve showered, brushed my teeth, buzzed my face, and gotten my lunch ready. All that’s left after I finish my cigarette is to get dressed and take the trash out, then I can head to campus. I wish I could stay home.


I want to go back to bed. I’m not overly tired, I just don’t feel like being awake today.


Sorry to hear that. I totally know the feeling.