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Haha :slight_smile: I’ll have to check it out.

I’ve noticed you and I have shared a lot of interests over the years. Like computers, degrees, science etc.

Are you still planning on studying mathematics?


No, but maybe someday. It is on my bucket list. I don’t have the money or ability right now. There’s a couple schools I looked at, but I struggle being around people and interacting.

Stress is a big thing. I could probably pick an easier major like business but I would regret it. Also, I don’t want to go to a school where I have to write an essay to get admitted. I’ve given up on a lot of things. I just want a degree and work someday. I want to make money.


Man, ate a heavy lunch and now I am tired and can’t focus on work. Wasn’t worth it.


I got a Target gift card for Christmas. There’s nothing I really need or want from Target but they do have a Starbucks that accepts Target gift cards. So I drove down there and got a nice decaf latte. I think that’s how i’ll spend the remainder of my gift card.


I saw it when it came out and really liked it. Definitely worth a watch.


Just took the wife’s toy for a spin. This thing just sits in the garage.


My laptop battery doesn’t last all that long on a charge. I think it gets about 3 or 4 hours fully charged. My little Chromebook was much better. It seemed like it lasted all day on a charge.


3 or 4 hours is pretty good for a laptop. I have one that won’t last 30 minutes but it’s old.


Oh really? This is my first laptop and I don’t know much about them. I guess I should be thankful it lasts as long as it does. I only had the Chromebook to compare it to. Maybe it lasted longer because all it does is go online. I don’t know.


@ilovethaifood You out there homie?

I hope you’re okay.


Unable to sleep. I wonder if it’s that strong coffee I had at 5


I have lost 30 pounds with just diet changes. It is really encouraging when the weight comes off like that. Especially if you have struggled. When you are able to get some physical movement going I bet you will see even more of a change

Just don’t grt discouraged if you gain a little weight at first with any exercise. When I was working out religiously I stayed the same weight for a long time but lost clothing sizes. Muscle weighs more than fat in a small space. Count inches when you can walk or work out, not pounds.



Hi again peeps. My neighbors are arguing so I walked to the library. Arguing itself doesn’t bother me rather it’s the whole noise factor that I’m sensitive to. I think alot of sz\sza may feel the same way.



Hey my good friend Monte. Thanks for your concern. I’m battling a flu and throat infection. It seems like everyday I get a fever. I’ve been feeling horrible for the last 4 days or so. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics so I should recover soon if all goes well.


Awww damn my dude that sucks! Well you take care and rest well. I hope you feel better very soon.



Super stoked about this new pipe i ordered. The most expensive I ever bought. Looking forward to it.

Decided not to post a pic as some members are trying to quit.



I’m about to leave to take the 2 year old to the lab to get blood work. Wish me luck. It’s going to be a lot of tears and screaming.


Best of luck. Let us know how little @LED turns out.


I had to laugh at that Jason movie we watched last night…

This one guy thought he was busting out some sweet karate moves on Jason.

Jason just gives him one good smack and…

The pun later was just killer…

“What’s his status?”
“He’s screwed.”

So terribly good.


My mom’s coming home from the hospital tonight! So we can have her here during the rest of my three week visit. She’s such a busybody it’s gonna be weird to see her resting like that. This is much better than the two week hospital stay we expected. We’ll have to help her to the bathroom and take care of her which we’re happy to do. I don’t often get an opportunity to pay her back for all the good she’s done for me.