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Hi everyone. Hope everyone is still in the fight. I got a cool Civil War book in the mail today about what soldier’s lives were like. Looking forward to reading it. Otherwise I feel slightly down but it’s manageable. Anyways I plan to go to the library in a bit here.

Side note: I had a silly dream last night that I owned a Maclearen F-1. Haha. Right. Like I’ll ever own one of the most expensive cars in the world.


Here is our resident bird on our pier on the lake. My wife calls him Flakey. I think he or she is a heron. We have a blue heron that hangs out too but this one is white.


nice pic. I think we got blue herons too. all up and down the river. they leave marks on the dock. I saw one catch a fish one day when I was walking along the river.


Isn’t the blue ones the herons, while white ones are egrets??


Maybe so. I am not really sure. Can anyone tell if the bird is a he or a she?

My wife keeps asking me to find out.



I’m not sure what gender but it’s definitely a great white egret

The great egret, also known as the common egret, large egret, or great white egret or great white heron is a large, widely distributed egret, with four subspecies found in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and southern Europe. Wikipedia


Herons are beautiful though I have seen one snatch a duckling before


laundry is done. only had to do one load. now what? I suppose i’ll linger on the forum until bedtime.

could use some cigarettes, im out, been going through a pack in 2 days now. gives me something to do, I plan to stop this spring when im more active.



Nice pic. I figured it was an Egret. Usually bright plumage tells it’s a male for most birds but with Egrets it’s hard to tell.


I saw a Blue Heron try to go after a small bird in the trees by a river last year. It broke a million branches going after it. I watched it for a half hour that day by the river. Was awesome.


Hi Skunk, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the title of the Civil War book you got today?

I’m feeling okay today. I’m a little worried that my symptoms are going to get worse as I age.


felt drunk for a little while. it lasted like 10 minutes. everything was slowed down and my vision was a little blurry. I don’t know what caused it. I thought maybe it was the coffee, I had 4 cups today. or maybe that peach tea I drank. im not sure but I feel fine now. it was an odd feeling.

I kind of imagined it was like one of my Invega beads being absorbed all of a sudden.


The Common Life of Soldiers of the Civil War. I even got a signed edition. It’s from the 50’s. Was cheap so I snatched it up off eBay.


There is a nice gentle breeze this evening


had the weirdest night last night i was dreaming about music notes and everytime a note went higher i would get an excruciating pain in my stomach, then i woke up and my stomach was hurting so bad i was rolling around the bed and i was half asleep still thinking about the notes until my brain turned into just a high pitch screeching static in my mind and my stomach felt like so much pain i felt like i was dying,

and it is so weird to me how the dream was in sync with the pain i was feeling, but after like a few more minutes of terrible stomach pain i ran to the bathroom and ■■■■ my brains out


I retweaked my taxes and figured out how to add A California return. I changed the depreciation setting on my rental house and now I am getting money back from federal and California.

But I have to pay Louisiana what I am getting back so it’s a wash.

That’s better than owing $4000

Still waiting on one form and I will e file.


I’m so sick of having to poop all the time. I can’t wait for my Crohn’s screening on the 22nd. Maybe then I’ll get some answers and possibly even medications.


I ordered a nice wood burning tool and even though the mail already came the tracking says it’s out for delivery. Oh yes things could be worse but I’m just wondering about it. Haha. I’m a crazy skunk.



Spoke too soon. The post man just put it in my hands. @ThePoeticSkunk don’t get so worked up. Have faith in the postal system. Have faith.


Just got home from grocery shopping. :grin: I bought some chicken thighs, chicken seasoning, and some taco seasoning.

I’m debating between cooking tacos or chicken and rice later tonight.


Hey Monte. How are you today? I’m doing well. The day started kind of hairy but I went for a walk so I’m doing better now. Tacos sound good. You doing the hard or soft shell?