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Please be safe on those roads my friend.



How’s it going, Monte?

I’m puffing on my new Juul vape. I forked over quite a bit for the starter pack, $50, though it comes with four pods. I used up the mango, so I’m using the crem brulee pod. Both pods have a good taste to them.


Hey homie! I’m well. :blush: Oh I love the mango flavor. My personal fave is probably the Virginia tobacco though. It’s great with some morning Joe.

I have mint atm. I need to buy some better flavors LOL.

I was sort of bummed out earlier, but my cousin cheered me up.

How are you feeling tonight? :slight_smile:


I’m feeling well. I have a busy few days ahead of me, but I know I’ll get through it.

I’ll try the Virginia tobacco next. I’m opening them one pod at a time, so I won’t try a new one until I’ve finished the current one.


Yeah, it’s good to space out the pods like you’re doing. Smart thinking.

You sure get a lot done brother! I’m happy for ya for being able to do so much work. :blush:


Thanks, man.

I don’t know how it is where you’re at, but where I am we’re having a crummy winter. Extreme cold at times, snow storms, ice storms … I just want it to be done.


Yeah, we’re having a pretty crappy winter too. I’m also really looking forward to spring.

I fell down the other day in front of the corner store. Kinda scraped up my hand. I’m fine though.

Our roads and sidewalks have been real icy lately.


I’ve stayed at hotels four times this semester, and we’re only four weeks in. I’ve stayed at hotels close to the new college when really bad weather was coming, and I didn’t want to drive in it any more than I had to. I’ve become more cautious as I’ve gotten older. I can’t afford to keep renting hotel rooms, though.


@Montezuma @freakonaleash

Also bad weather here too. Luckily almost everything I need is in walking distance so my driving is minimal which is okay I’d rather not drive if I can get away with it.

Side note. I have an Obama phone and my data expired sometime this morning yet I’m still using data. No worries though as I won’t have to pay anything. So I’ve been surfing the web. Haha. Take em when you get em.


I wish I could do less driving. This fall I expect to be doing much shorter commutes. Hell, with where I live now to go from my apartment to the new college, then from there to the old college, then home, I’ll have driven around 200 miles.


After 5 months of full-time 9-5/5 days a week training at a technical institution, I will soon be graduating and work full-time at some potential commercial business office.


Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment!


We built a snowman this evening. It was fun.

Had eggs for dinner. They were pretty satisfying. Though I wish I had some sausage to go with them.

I think I’ll go to bed early tonight. I’ve not been sleeping well lately and tomorrow is going to be a really long day of I can’t get at least a few hours of sleep.


Staying away from for 5+ months really did me some good. I socialized with normal people, passed my exams, had a day-to-day routine and will soon be a part of the workforce.


i have drank hot chocolate everyday for like the past 2 weeks


think I will have one now


A cold front is hitting so I spent the day at home with my parents. Was kind of boring but I wrote in my journal and read some of my new book, “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. It makes me nostalgic for some childhood I never had. I also did a 35 minute jog around the house and caught a bit of the Grammys. Tomorrow my dad is going to the hospital to get his stomach checked and we might get to eat out afterwards! I wish things could get better for me and I could care for my parents instead of them always looking out for me due to my symptoms. Seems like the year passed quickly and yet things aren’t looking up.


So, apparently I shut my alarms off in my sleep, because I meant to be up an hour and a half ago.

Once I finish my coffee and smokes I’ll get in the shower and start getting ready.


I think I have carpal tunnel, I don’t want it to get worse.


went and got a late breakfast with dad. I paid since he helped me out yesterday.

think im going to do laundry today and that’s it.

my garden planning is pretty much done. I have a budget of $1200 this year. this year will be more expensive than future years because im adding wood chips and soil and building 11 more raised beds. also I have to buy a low tunnel for my winter kale. I may not be able to do all that with just $1200, if not that’s ok I will just do what I can. but that was all I had going on this month. gotta start preparing myself to go back to work in a month or so.