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I just graded the lab from a couple weeks ago; I’m rewarding myself with a cigarette right now. I just have to record it, then I can grade and record last Wednesday’s lab.

I freaking hate grading, so boring and repetitive, but it certainly comes with the job.


I’m making progress, almost cleaned all I need to for today



I might start a sz blog, not sure how visible it would be but I think I’m well off enough to write coherently. I studied writing in college so it would be fun, who knows maybe someone will even read it. I would try to write in an upbeat tone, despite the illness.


not in the best mood recently dont know why but just trying not to slip into a bad mindset full of negative thinking and stuff,

maybe i will be happy when some new movies come out theres some really good stuff coming soon this year for movies and tv


My guitar session went well. Learning the pimo fingerpicking method. Time just flew. I thought the violin would have been my stringed instrument but I gauge my interest in something by how fast time goes by. It goes by fast with the didgeridoo and Native American Flute but the violin may not be my soul mate. Oh well. Good to try new things.



finally got the nook built. dad came over and helped me, it took 4 hours. looks pretty good, not big on the white tabletop, maybe i’ll buy a tablecloth, but it works for now.

got nothing to do this coming week, it’s a blessing and a curse. I can sleep in and relax but I get bored.

the river is coming up again. looks like it will come up into the yard for the 2nd year in a row. god I don’t want another flood, it took 3 days to clean up last years mess.


WIN_20190210_18_11_14_Pro glimpse of the nook. don’t mind me.


Looks nice. Good job. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I went to another thrift store earlier today. I didn’t find anything too appealing though.


I just walked the dogs around the yard.

I’m not feeling overly fabulous.
Waiting for the move and waiting to break up is just awful.

I love watching Mkr .
I’m in love :heart_eyes: with romel lol but all of them are a delight to see and those brothers are funny and he looks so much like Jim Carey even factual expressions.

I also have a fond memory of a man I saw at a fiftyith.
Our spirits were so good together laughed n joked n we had eye contact a good match as such.
Then my Muslim bf who I have wanted to marry or something lately.

Anderson I are suited as just friends I think but I treasure him n he makes me happy to play with n I was so happy to get text.

This is awful.
I’m still in a relationship and am having thoughts about other.

My boyfriend feels cozy home but I do not want to live here the rest of my life and I want to ge vegan etc so I plan on moving out in a few months.
I will tell him in a month n a half I think.

I’m just scared.
I’m alone here.
I have no family here to help me and I can’t move alone so I wait till my mum comes n can help me.


I love :two_hearts: my boyfriend and hope we can remain friends.


Good luck!!! I hope you make it!


I just had a piece of cinnamon toast. Now I want another one but I really shouldn’t.


Looks immaculate…


I cleaned up my kitchen and my cat’s litter box. Both weren’t even very dirty at all. I’m just now learning to stay on top of things though.

Now I’m just waiting for a 70’s show to come on the radio. :radio:


That’s rough, I’m sorry.


Hi Monte. I am sure your gatito thanks you. I’ve been doing light cleaning today. Dishes, sanitized my counter, and I may dust yet

I haven’t been having any thrifty luck either. I’m looking forward to garage saleing this spring and there can be good stuff if you are an early bird. My dad got a huge r/c float plane last year for peanuts. Just needs a few repairs.

So now I’m listening to National Public Radio so getting my dose of weather and politics.

Have a good night.



Well, I finished my teaching duties for the night, so I can just chill the rest of the night.

In just a bit I am going to start some water heating on the stove, for the spaghetti for the chili mac I’m making.


Haha. I just had thin spaghetti tossed in olive oil with butter and salt. I like it that way once in a while. Enjoy your supper.



@ThePoeticSkunk, My dinner was great, and now I have leftovers for lunch the next few days. :yum:

Now I don’t really have anything to do, just peruse the forum and listen to music.

Figure I’ll lie down at 10:00; it is now 9:15. I will be waking up extra early tomorrow, like around 4:00, so I can get out the door by around 5:30 or 6:00. Class doesn’t start until 9, but I’m taking a little bit longer route because it’s almost all highway, and I might have to drive slow. I’m driving nearly all on highways because there is snow coming overnight, and I know the highways will be better plowed and salted than the country roads I normally take.