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I’m going yo focus now OK!
Wat ever ill try.


I woke up a couple hours later than intended, but oh well, no harm done.

Today’s agenda involves grading some labs, preparing my next lecture PowerPoint and recording attendance, as well as washing some dishes and, later, making chili mac.


I feel like crap.
I have what my Pnurse calls psychotic thoughts. Usually some prn can take them away, but they’ve been going on non-stop for days, despite taking so many Truxal I actually felt stoned.
I’m at a friend’s place right now, and I just wanna go home, but I can’t because he’s asleep and I can’t afford the bus. I don’t want to have to ask him to take me home and then have to explain why I want to leave so soon.

What can I say? I feel like crap and it won’t go away?


Just because it is the pot calling the kettle black doesn’t mean the kettle isn’t black.


Everything is the devil now.


I still have not received my W-2 (annual earnings/tax statement) from the pharmacy, and I’m getting pissed. It’s the last document I need before I can file my tax return, and it should have been sent out no later than January 31st.

I hate making phone calls, but I might have to do that, call their corporate office.


I am still waiting on a 1099 from my last few weeks at my Aircraft mechanic job. I think I only worked there two or three weeks last year. I want to do my taxes too and see if I am getting any money back.

I always owe the state $500 to $700 so I hope I get some back from federal so I can pay it.

Might have to call too.


I always get money back from my federal return; I always claim zero exemptions on my W-4. The only question is how much I’ll get back. I know the standard deduction has been nearly doubled since last year. I do believe the stupid insurance question is still on the 1040, though I did have health insurance for nine months of last year, so I would have to pay only a fourth of the fine. Ugh.

Besides federal taxes, though, I have to file two different state returns, since I live in one state and work in another, as well as my city tax return. I always get a full refund from the state I work in but don’t live in, but that refund will be used to pay what I owe to my state of residence, with hopefully a little leftover to put toward paying my city income tax.

Ugh, I can’t wait to move away from this city; I’m taxed to death here.

I want to move across the state line, to the state I work in. Mainly I want to be closer to my jobs, but a bonus will be no city income tax where I want to move to, and only filing two returns every year, just federal and one state.


I worked out of state this year too so I did pay some California state tax. So I may get money back from California.

I do my taxes myself and hope that doesn’t make doing them too complicated. I don’t pay any taxes to the state I live in so I always owe Louisiana. They don’t tax my military retirement but they always get me every year at tax time. But I usually get back a lot from federal. But I worked two months this year and made $19,000 but it was taxed so maybe they took enough out that I won’t owe.


I use TaxSlayer, and it does a pretty good job of walking me through, step-by-step.

Yeah, you’ll just have to file three returns: federal, California (file as a non-resident, or maybe part-year resident) and Louisiana.


I use tax slayer too. Have been using it for years.

I understand Trump made changes to the tax system though. I might start mine today without that one 1099 just to see what it tells me.


Yeah, I was thinking of starting mine today, too, to see an estimate. I worked very little and very briefly at the pharmacy, made only a few hundred in gross pay, so it won’t make a big difference.


cold turkey time…quitting smokes, not one more suck, not one more suck.


I just did my taxes and it said I owe like $2300 for federal and $1500 for the state. Didn’t generate me a state return for California at all. I am going to have somebody else do them this year.

I can’t pay that all at once. I am going to have to set up some type of plan. I don’t know if you can do that or not.


Yeah, I was just using TaxSlayer, reported all but that little income from the pharmacy, and my federal refund is currently expected to be a bit lower than I’d hoped. I had to pay federal taxes on the unemployment compensation I received last summer, plus the penalty for the uninsured is still on there. Bummer.

Yeah, maybe you should go to H&R Block, or some similar company.

You might not get it all back from California, though. I just saw that I get all of my money back from those state taxes because I am a resident of a reciprocal state.


I’m trying to cope with my heart pain, but meds aren’t helping me. My hallucinations have been somewhat reduced, but they’re still lingering around.

Hopefully I can sleep in peace for today.


I am happy. Just cruising till bumb into a dickhead. But maybe i am the one.


I’m cleaning my kitchen, moving stuff around and washing the floor, it’s nasty :blush: :scream::crazy_face:



Well done. I got to do this.
Maybe in my next life.


Hi everyone. I’m sitting on my recliner under a blanket. I’m chilled today. But soon I’ll get moving and do dishes and do a guitar lesson. My dad likes my new guitar so now he wants one. I’m going to offer him my student sized acoustic that I have sitting at my mom’s house. He’s hearing impaired but hey that didn’t stop Beethoven.