^(⊙_⊙)^ Say anything! xxxix 🐉


No I’m serious I’ve been hit on a few times from going there. I just didnt feel like letting anybody in so I turned them down. I think it’s funny you thought maybe I was being sarcastic.


“Love is in the air” as the old saying goes.

I’m happy for ya bud. :blush:


How are you doing, Monte? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there :slight_smile: Oh I’m okay, just listening to a radio station on my headphones. I had some coffee a little while ago. I’m probably going to have some left-over pasta here in a little while for dinner.

Are you working at the gas station tonight?


I didn’t want pizza rolls for dinner so I had a piece of cinnamon toast instead. It was delicious.

I was about to say something else, but then little LED just said “you pee every night, too. With your big butt!” while Mr LED was getting her ready for bed. It was pretty hilarious.


LOL. Kids can say the funniest things.

Happy that you enjoyed your cinnamon toast. :slight_smile: I still need to eat something for today.


No, I’m off tonight. I work at the gas station only on Thursday and Friday nights now. I need an extra day to recover from midnights and adjust back to waking up before 5 am, by Monday morning.


Oh cool! I hope your new teaching job is going well.


Yeah, it seems to be going well so far. I’m so excited about possibly starting at a third school in the fall; my lead faculty member at the new college thinks she can get me in at the college at which she used to teach. That would be so sweet, teach at three schools and have no need to work in a gas station.


I’m watching Season 2 of Sherlock. What a wonderful show. Played the Switch for a while so after Sherlock it’s a shave and a shower. It’s been a pretty good day.


That’s awesome :slight_smile: I was jamming on my guitar for a little while earlier. I think I’m done coming up with the structure for my country song. Now I just need to write some more lyrics for a second verse haha.


I owe a lot of my stability to the folks on this forum :open_mouth:


My headache is strong today, and I’m starting to feel like Reddit is talking to me, not just at me. I need some kind of benign video game to burn my down time on.


Destroyed my twenties. It’s cold here brr sleet and rain. Got chased by a Chihuahua today. Those ■■■■■■■ are crazy.


Went hiking with my mom today. It was a really pleasant trail. My parents really encourage me to exercise… I also borrowed a new book from the library. Tomorrow I will try to read and go walking.


Somebody moved into the apartment across the hall, it’s a couple with two kids. There’s a baby and a kid that looks about six or seven. The older one does a lot of manipulation crying… where you can tell it’s manufactured. Drives me nuts the way they ignore him out without dealing with it. Kids shouldn’t be crying like that at that age unless they’re sick, in pain, or devastated for some reason. The baby I don’t mind so much.

Me and my curmudgeonly self. >:( I’m grumpy! Mom’s fiancee spilled my hot salsa from safeway and now I gots nothin for my pre-dinner chips. Called home, grandparents are very happy to hear from me stepdad was weird got me off phone quick without saying why, grandparents say he’s not doing well.


I need someone to be my friend, anyone want to help me? I might be able to help you.


So pretty, thats a really nice forest. Where is it? Like what country?


This trail is in Hawaii. We don’t really have Winter here. It’s called the Manoa Cliff Trail.


I really wonder if I’m doing the right thing by going hiking and exercising so much because my paranoia gets to me. I tried to tell my mom I want to quit and she took the day to take me hiking instead. It’s night and I feel like watching something. I wonder if I’m supposed to be doing something else or focusing on something else.