^(⊙_⊙)^ Say anything! xxxix 🐉


Haha! I’m jealous. Mint and chip is my fave. :blush:


I’m a bit of a gordito too. Specially after that ice cream. It’s dark and cold but I’m gonna go for a walk anyways. Need to burn some of my splurging off.



So I ordered a new book about sz. that just came out. There’s no reviews for it on Amazon yet, that’s how new it is.

The title is “The Collected Schizophrenias.”


Let us know how it is. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Sounds good :blush: Be safe and enjoy your exercise!


I sure will :slight_smile: It has great reviews from the press and on Goodreads. I’m really looking forward to it.


I’m taking another stab at the movie Lion. It was triggering the first time I watched it but now after some therapy I’m handling it better.



with what character?


There’s a winter storm warning in effect right now. We’re supposed to get some amount of snow.

I kind of hope we get enough that Mr LED’s d&d game is cancelled for tomorrow because I just want a whole day with him home all to myself. But I know he’s looking forward to going, so I’ll be okay either way. Aiming roads aren’t dangerous.


dark pit 151515


Alles klar. I’m gonna study Anglo-Saxon now
My first language love.


Can anyone give me any good websites about understanding the game of Cricket. I don’t understand Widgets, flanks, or abercrombies. But seriously, for an American, I am interested. Peace. Cheers.



I told my niece that after I die I’m going to possess people only to eat chocolate cake.

They’re going to be confused about where their endless craving of chocolate cake comes from.

Probably have to find a good chef to give him the inspiration for the perfect chocolate cake and have it made too…

Can’t quite imagine the best chocolate cake though.


I’m really down about how I’m going to afford my meds. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go back in the hospital.


I feel like I’m going crazy. I hear this sound almost like techno music just going bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. And it won’t stop. I don’t think it’s any neighbors as its 3 AM. It just won’t stop… it could possibly be a party nearby. I do not know. It is driving me crazy.


Wen I’m reading I can’t listen to music with words,since it’s too distracting so I’ve got this on instead


I hope it’s stopped now.
Maybe try going somewhere into town wen it’s not too early or away from ur House to see if u still hear it to know it’s source.


My mood has been pretty good lately, in the middle like it should be. I haven’t been as paranoid or having intrusive thoughts as much. It seems that when things are okay like this it feels weird to me. It’s like i’m so used to the craziness that I don’t feel right without it.


I’ve been having a weird gait throughout today. I don’t know what’s going on with my walking.
Hopefully I don’t lose control over my legs.


Good morning. Time to hit the coffee.