^(⊙_⊙)^ Say anything! xxxix 🐉


You’ll be fine @bluerose.
Good luck with your new doctor and therapist!


I have a lying-down computer setup that is supposed to be a place for me to function with a low cerebrospinal fluid pressure headache, but every time I use it, I get super-sleepy. It’s like touching my head on that pillow is the cue to enter la-la land.

Oh well, my head pressure is getting much better thanks to 20 grams a day of fish oil (it’s a legit treatment for brain damage, one guy was pulled out of a coma with that,) so I will be making more use of my sitting up desk which I don’t feel nearly as tired in.


we are 1 in a hundred


Sigarino! I haven’t seen you in ages! How’ve you been?


ive been alright, thanks for asking, how bout u


Up and down, but overall I’m good :slight_smile:
What have you been up to?


mostly just playing music, watching shows and stuff trying to figure out what i am gonna do with my life


I’m awake during the day, the sunlight is burning my skin! Hiss!!!


My husband lost control of his body again today. I had to half carry him to his chair. He was falling and shaking and hands clenching.

I’m so scared. He is my rock and I am terrified he is going to just die on me. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I am on edge. All I want to do is cry but I can’t break down because then HE will start freaking out about his health worse.


I’m sorry @ZombieMombie.
Is it a seizure?


We don’t know. He just can’t move properly. Today he was all over the place and he couldn’t let go of his cup.


Woke up an hour before my alarm, just finished some coffee.

I’m feeling pretty good, had a refreshing sleep.


My brother got into elite smash. Yeah, yeah that’s right.


I sneezed aaaaaaaaachoooooooooooooo


Funny how it was spitting snow most of the day and they were not calling for any snow. Oh well it’s not like it accumulated


I did a wood burning project. What started out as a horse turned into deer. I made a derse. Too self conscious to share a photo of it.


just killing time before bedtime. I dread the rest of the month, just sitting here waiting for warmer weather. hopefully march is warm enough to go back outside and get busy.

my friends wedding is in march. he said he was going to invite me but I still haven’t received the invitation in the mail. maybe it will come later. to be honest I only see the friendship lasting until he has his own kids, which he said he plans to. I just am not ever in the mood to play with little kids. maybe who knows? I could always give them fresh veggies out of my garden and maybe we will continue to be friends.


Yummy. Fresh veggies are the bomb. My mom’s boyfriend taught me a lot about gardening. I got a cool video on Orchids from the thrift store but I understand orchids aren’t for noobs like me. Maybe some species is. Not sure though.



So I made a decent batch of spaghetti earlier. The beef I fried up for it was the cheaper, fatty kind though.

Oh well. I’m a gordito. LOL. :joy:


I had ice cream for dinner. Mint chocolate chip. :yum: