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I’m glad you’re having fun with the Switch. Still waiting on my chinese amiibo knockoff cards so I can start the Zelda game with all the extras. It’s a fun little system.


Have a good night schiz friends. I think I will watch something on my hulu that I pay for and never use.


Saw the pdoc today. He doesn’t prescribe stimulants, so no luck with the Adderall.

We’re dropping the haldol injection and doubling the perphenazine. Dropping the Clonazepam but keeping the lorazepam. Switching from benztropine to trihexyphenidyl/Artane.

I think that’s it. I’m really bummed about the Adderall. That was last big hope, last big chance for a good night’s sleep. Now I don’t know what I’ll do. Sleep like ■■■■ I guess.


@led just as a precaution, I’m stating I’d like to help, I wanted to ask do you have signs of Td and that’s why you’re put on generic artane?


No, I have a slight tremor and can’t take antihistamines.


Was going to say that it really is a life saver for me. I have tardive dyskinesia pretty bad, it provides so much relief it’s astonishing. Hope it helps your tremor :hugs:. I found taurine to be helpful with my tremor. Don’t take it all the time, but if I’m going somewhere where I need to “be ok” I’ll take it. Not saying for you, too.but anyways thought I’d see if I could help


Went hiking with mom’s friends today and got a shirt tan. It was a hike along the ocean. I’m kind of starting to feel put out by my exercising but my mom will be so disappointed if I stop. My body is starting to get tired and I am procrastinating on folding the laundry.


I’ve been up since like 2am, but I went to bed at 9pm, so I can’t complain. Time feels weirdly slow and also fast at the same time, though, so idk what to do with myself.


That’s still only 5 hours of sleep.


I’m sick of this. My friend tells me to leave, and when I get up to leave he tells me I’ve broken our agreement that I’d stay, and that we shouldn’t talk for a week.
Can’t win with some :expressionless:


It helps me to function better to split my sleep into two sections, so I usually sleep and then also nap sometime during the day. Otherwise I get nightmares.


He just called me and apologised. That’s a first. Apparently his bloodsugar was really low yesterday. I suspected, but I know better than to ask him when he’s grumpy.
Still, I’m happy. It might sound like a shitty excuse, but diabetics really can become monsters when their bloodsugar drops.


Hi everyone. I’m slightly down. I thought a blast of cold air would raise my spirits but nope. Might take a walk later.


Ten hours in a row?
Wow I can just about manage five in a row.
You got a lot of patience


Hope that walk makes u feel a bit better. Sorry to hear ur feeling a bit low.
Take care


sorry to hear your down today @ThePoeticSkunk . your posts always brighten my day, hopefully the feeling passes.

got to put my breakfast nook together at some point but can’t bring myself to do it. hopefully it looks good in here. I think daddy will have to help me lol. I can’t do it by myself.


when I worked at the golf course the head superintendent would say “you need daddy to come fix it?”…referring to himself, when I couldn’t figure out something. he was a good boss, but an alcoholic, I think he got a dui and got fired. the assistant ended up replacing him, I liked them both.


It is sooo windy out


cold and windy here


Not a good combination