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Eyes popped open at 5:00; it is now 5:45, and I am wide awake.

I suppose I could just have some coffee and start my day, hope to get a nap in at some point since I’m working a 10-8 midnight shift tonight.

I so badly wish I had the password for the wifi at the gas station.

The mobile site no longer works on my phone, and my phone doesn’t support the Discourse app.


I’m stuck in traffic. Very very annoying. I just wanna get my food. And go home. Urgh


@freakonaleash Good morning :slight_smile: I’m happy that your teaching job went well last night.

@jassy22 Hello :slight_smile: I was sleeping a lot yesterday haha.

@ThePoeticSkunk Glory is a great film, I’m glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile: .


Good morning, @Montezuma. How are you feeling today? What has you up this early?


Good morning :slight_smile: I am well, I’m a day behind though in a class I’m taking online though. So I got to work on that later today.

I slept a lot yesterday in the evening, and until the early morning. This cold weather really made me sleepy haha.

I have a doctor appointment later today too. Hopefully my lab results will be okay.

How are you feeling this morning?


I’m feeling well so far. I can’t think of anything that I have going on today. Normally there’s at least a few things I need to get done on a Thursday, but not today.


@far_cry0 DM’d me just now, he’s busy on Youtube. Would be nice if he came back once in a while.


I’ve been feeling extra sensitive lately. It sucks. I take everything personal


My brother just called me for a chat. He wants to keep in touch more, I have a feeling he misses me. I miss him too.
I think it’s hard for him knowing two of his sisters are having a hard time and not being able to do much about it. I’m glad he wants to keep in touch more, he’s an intelligent guy and he’s fun to talk to.


Having my coffee. I see my psychiatrist next week. I will make sure to ask him about significant med changes because the AD and antianxiety aren’t doing anything for my mood swings or psychosis (shocker, really /s).


I woke up with a headache this morning, weather is changing :frowning:

On the bright side I get a free breaky this morning and I’m getting paid so off to get groceries later


Lots of snow here. I’m chilled too. I have a blanket on me thankfully. Hope everyone is doing okay.


I guess were meeting for lunch instead, its really cold here so waiting for it to warm up a bit. Still going to get groceries


On the 13th I have an appointment to for an interview to get my driver’s license back. I’m worried I won’t get it reinstated. I need to shave and get a haircut. I want to look presentable. I really could use my driver’s license.


:cloud_with_rain: more rain. maybe ill go sit out on the covered porch.


I ate brown rice and black beans for lunch. Was good. Very filling.


that’s a good combo. I like rice but it makes such a mess in my pots. I have some boil in a bag rice and it’s not as messy.

when I was in the hospital we had rice and beans with a chili mix sauce. it was really good.

I also like the rice and green pea combo together. I used to eat the brown stuff but now I just go for white rice. I seem to digest it better, even though the brown stuff is supposed to be healthier.


well taking a trip to best buy with the old man. he’s after a modem. he just got the internet hooked up at his new house but he doesn’t have a modem. seems to have misplaced his old one during the move. I need speakers for my laptop but omg I spent so much money last month im going to wait on that. it will get me out of the house for a couple hours though. im off.


Try a rice cooker. I got one from the thrift store and love it. Nonstick.


I love broccoli and cheddar rice :yum: