@(・●・)@ Say anything! xxxiv 🐵


Haha I could go for a dumb joke. I don’t know many jokes. I feel slightly out of place.


Aww. I’m sorry. All the jokes I know aren’t very good haha.

I’m sure everything will be okay.



Yeah I think so. Not having any suicidal thoughts. It’s the loneliness that seems to have gotten to me. I have no one to talk to sometimes. The forum helps but I don’t want to annoy the forum.


I sincerely feel for ya. My illness has me fairly isolated at times.

And I don’t think you’re annoying to the forum.

Please feel free to PM me anytime.


Thanks man! I feel a bit better now. I think isolation can be tough especially when the mind starts overanalyzing everything.


Bro, post all you want. You’re not annoying anyone. Sorry you’re feeling down. Hope things look up for you soon.


Much appreciated disciple! It feels good to have kind friends here.


Hey @Montezuma and @ilovethaifood

Hope you guys are still fighting the good fight. Steel Pulse? I’m gonna have to check that out. So a confession. My first CD I ever bought was…can you? Yup! That’s right. It was the Spice Girls. What can I say. I stand condemned.


Hah that brought a smile to my face because although it wasn’t the first CD I bought, I once borrowed a Backstreet Boys CD and I would put it on blast and sing along. Boy was I a dork. Good thing nobody heard me.


LOL! Nah, I mean I can’t remember my first CD. I’m sure it wasn’t anything grand though. :stuck_out_tongue:

How is your night going though, @ThePoeticSkunk?

Steel Pulse is great, cool, Reggae. Very positive vibes.


Nah. No worries. I used to sing along to that Aqua band Barbie Girl. My dorkiness knows no bounds.


I’m about to leave to take my final exam for dental assisting school!


Hey @Montezuma

I’m doing good. Just saw a cousin of mine at the store. We’re thinking of planning a reunion for the cousins. Hopefully we can materialize something soon.


How are you doing? @Montezuma



The worst CD I ever bought was by that rapper Mace. I don’t know what the heck I was thinking.


Awesome on the reunion!

I am good :slight_smile: Munching on some sweets atm.

I feel less anxious now after talking to friends on here.

You guys and gals rock!


Lol a gay friend of mine took me to a concert and there was this band called Gravy Train… I bought the CD for some strange reason… not the smartest choice I’ve ever made. Their songs are pretty out there.


I’m straight… here is one of their songs…

When my girlfriend at the time found it she was like, “Do you have something you want to tell me?” With a super cute smile… and then well we spoke about the birds and the bees. Ah memories.


I prefer Ozzy’s Crazy Train to a Gravy Train. Hah! But I’ll still give it a listen.


Oh you don’t have to if you don’t want to! It is one of those “WTF was I thinking” purchases. Crazy Train is great! I used to listen to that type of music. Iron Maiden - The Trooper was one of my favorites growing up.