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I’m pretty picky on my coffee choices. I love Mocha Lattes. If I were smart I’d get an espresso machine to make my own but I don’t mind paying the $4.85 to have one made once in a while.



Hey @ThePoeticSkunk

Why aren’t you tearing into your new fountain pen set yet? I mean you can’t create art if you don’t actually open the box. They’re cute and everything but move your butt. Sheesh.


Just got home from running errands. Picked up two more gift cards for Christmas presents and got my meds from the pharmacy. One was ready when i got there because my pdoc called it in but i had to wait on the other one to be filled. They said it would take 25 minutes but it was more like 45 by the time i got out of there. I was pretty anxious walking around aimlessly in Target for that long. Lots of people in there today shopping. I’m glad i’m home now.


Does anyone still hear voices on Clozapine? :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:


Did anybody else get sz instead of sex out of life?


I’m struggling to motivate myself to go to the library right now. I need to use a computer there, because there is a lot of stuff I need to print, and I still do not have a printer of my own.

By now the kids are out of school for the day, so there will probably be a bunch of them there on the computers. I’m thinking of waiting until 5:00, make an early dinner, then go. The library is open until 9.


I used to use the internet at the library when i didn’t have it at home. It was always crowded, especially
after school and during the summer. Luckily they limited the use to one hour at a time and you could reserve a computer so when that person’s hour was up they were automatically kicked off and the computer was yours.


Yeah, I might need more than an hour, though. There are these training modules I have to do, four of them if I remember right. I can’t just do them at home, since I have to print a certificate of completion immediately after I finish each one. I could do it tomorrow night on campus after teaching, but it would be much better to get it done today.


I do but lessening with each time it’s raised to a higher dosage



Kids in the library can drive me nuts. Some of them run around and whisper loud has hell. I try not to be a curmudgeon but damn some libraries need a leash law.



Lol I feel the same way.


Where are you @Chess24? Get on a mood stabilizer buddy! Come back to planet earth with the rest of us! :grinning:

Lithium, Lamotrigine… Try em out!


I finally got around to hooking up the 65” smart tv up in the living room. A friend came over to help. The tv was broken. We are getting a refund and ordered another one. You couldn’t tell until you turned it on.

I already moved the 50” upstairs and set up my man cave with my PlayStation 2. I found my helicopter game. I have an inflatable couch for now until I find something permanent. That’s my sons Sooby Doo in the corner.

We have a 32” in the living room right now and it’s really small for in here until the 65” comes in. The cable guy is coming on Friday. I hope it’s here by then but I doubt it.


the dark roast coffee is disgusting. im drinking it anyways. usually I drink it black but this may require cream and sugar. probably shouldn’t drink another if I want to be asleep by 10pm.


So I switched my net service today, well I started the whole process.

It made me so nervous to be on the phone and do all of it.

School starts next week for me. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my book and lab kit.

I’ll probably have a family member help me out with buying them. I hate doing that, but a Montezuma has gotta go to school!!


I’m watching The Nun. Pretty good so far. Kind of creepy actually.

Was gonna rent that Fallout game but my inner scent voted against it.



Good thing too! The servers for Fallout 76 were down for a few hours today and it has a couple of large updates. I’m listening to Steel Pulse a reggae band formed in England. One of my favorites.


I love Steel Pulse!

How is your night going, Thai?


Hmmm if I am to be honest I feel a little depressed. Not a whole lot just a little sad. How about you, friend?


It’s good to be honest about your feelings my friend.

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling down. Anything I can do to cheer ya up? Dumb joke maybe?

I am pretty well. A little anxious, but well for the most part.