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didn’t sleep well again last night. I cant sleep through the night, I mustve woke up 6 times.

don’t have nothing planned for today. I might walk into town and get some cigarettes.


caught another mouse last night… we have two dead mice in the drawers waiting to be disposed of. that makes 7 we’ve caught in 4 months. it subsided for a little while, but we’ve gotten 3 in the last week. I guess the colder temps is bringing them inside.


I love my cat. I hope she knows.


Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! :heart:


I got a sunlight lamp! It’s a useful tool for bipolar depression, it helps maintain the sleep wake cycle, I gotta be careful…it could trigger mania.


Hi everyone. Well today I am just going to the library and to Redbox to return a DVD I rented other than that I may tear into my accordion for repairs.



Gonna leave soon to run some errands. I have to go by the pharmacy and pick up some meds. Then i also have to go by two different places to get gift cards for Christmas presents. Shouldn’t be too bad, though. All the places are pretty close together. I’ll reward myself with a large diet Pepsi on the way home.


Damn. I went back to bed at 9:30 with the intention of waking up at 11. Instead I woke up at 1. Oops.

I hope I can still get to sleep early tonight. I have to wake up very early tomorrow, going to the satellite campus of the college that just hired me, to sit in on a lecture and lab for the course I’ll be teaching. I’ll be hitting the road before 8 am.


I’ve just discovered I’m out of medicines. Can’t afford to get more until next week…


Can’t the pharmacy help you out?


No I don’t think so


How about the hospital ? You need to find a way. Do you have a mental health worker or someone you can contact about this ?


Try contacting your doctor @Nova


I got to sleep in a little today and I definitely needed it. I feel a lot better and not exhausted like I normally do.


Some pharmacies will give you meds on credit. At least some in the states will. Doesn’t hurt to call and ask.


ha went to Walmart. it was a zoo. lots of people. I got some Keurig coffee pods, some instant coffee, and 3 plain hats…green, tan, and grey. o and also some hint of lime tortilla chips and some medium chunky salsa. guess how much it cost me?



IDK. I haven’t been to Wally world in ages. I like to go at 5:00 in the morning with no crowds.


thank you @ThePoeticSkunk for playing my guessing game. it was $37.00 even, the Keurig coffee pods were the most expensive @ $10 dollars. soon im goin to quit coffee


Of course. Glad to play. Are those pods worth it? I was thinking of trying them sometime. @Boogaloo


no I don’t think so. I prefer a brewed pot of coffee. but my mom and dad received a Keurig as a gift and have been using them ever since. they are more disciplined than me they only drink 2pods a day. mom mentioned today that she is going to buy a new coffee maker that can both use the pods and brew a pot. like my sister has. she recently stayed with my sister now she wants one for herself.