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Why does she have no utilities and sleep in a cold room?


My ex boyfriend sent me a couple of texts and called me. I didn’t answer.


I refuse to date narcassist.


I’m at work; it’s been kinda busy so far. I look forward to it calming down, though that probably won’t be for another couple hours. I’m listening to A Perfect Circle’s first album, Mer de Noms, good stuff.


I’ve been puffing on my Blu vape right here behind the counter. ■■■■ it, it’s too cold outside.


You might wanna tell your parents that I know plenty of people who have gotten degrees and business degrees and they dont have good jobs to show for it. They were working retail for goodness sake.
Your gonna need money to start a business not a business degree.


Did it snow there roxanna?


I slept all day, now I’m wide awake at bedtime lol


I’m a bottomless pit today. I had a bunch of pizza (at least it was thin crust veggie) and now I’m having a chicken pot pie. Ridiculous amount of food. I don’t know why.


Oh my god my stomach is killing me


She’s trying to deal with it til she can move. I told her to come live with me and bf until she saves. To move.


I’m halfway through my shift, and it’s become nice and slow, the way I like it.


I guess I’m not the only one wide awake. If I oversleep too much eventually it catches up to me and I have a problem falling asleep.


Yeah, I have similar problems, though my sleep is all jacked up since I started working midnights again.


Drs. Never told my mom what to realistically expect from me after my diagnoses. She was still thinking a would get even better one day go back to work full time. It was me who told her that statistically only about 10 to 24 percent of schiz work and usually part time at best. She seems to accept that now. Going back to school I think could be even harder than working full time.


It’s 5 am here; just three more hours left in my shift. I’m so looking forward to going home and getting into bed, and to having the night off.

Tomorrow will be an easy night of teaching. I’m just giving make-up exams in both lectures, then a short, easy lab.


I’m off to bed now too.zzzzzz

One of my closest is the funniest man I know but I have not felt him for a while .
Hope he is ok.
See it’s complicated when I have spirit friends I’m not friends with in person…

I hope all my spirit friends are well.
I miss them.
Have not felt them around for a while.
I love :two_hearts: them.


I’m a gift to humanity.


@ThePoeticSkunk I hope you’re okay, sorry to hear that you’re depressed. Take care my friend.

@freakonaleash I hope your shift went okay. Take care.



Yeah, I’ve got an hour left, had a decent night. I’m just sitting in a chair behind the counter, puffing on my vape and listening to one of my CDs.

Have you slept yet? I know you were talking about staying up way late.