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Do you think she learned her lesson about taking them more often than they’re prescribed for? I’m sure she doesn’t want to run out early again.


I just finished week 6/8 for my intro physics course. I learned about wheels on cars, bikes, and wagons. Pretty basic stuff. I got an 80% on my quiz. Next week is bumper cars and then the final. I think I will work on it tomorrow. I’m surprised I did so well because I stopped studying for a month and it started looking complicated again lol.

Maybe the increase in sarcosine from 2g to 4 g did the trick. I don’t know. I’ve been depressed and goofing off a lot.


Does she move furniture?


I hope so.

She’s taken twice what she was prescribed in the past and it obviously hasn’t worked out,

Maybe she’ll be more cautious this time.


Gloomy weather… Sleeping weather. They were bitching about a more


I hope so. It is really easy to get dependant on them. I’m dependant on tramadol. Just saw mine wasn’t refilled by accident so now I will be feeling like I have the flu for a few days until the withdrawals are done. I really hope for your sake you don’t have to put up with that.


She has tramadol too,

She says they don’t work.

I thought tramadol was safer than that,

Like less addicting and didn’t cause withdrawal.


Tramadol is very addicting. They tell you at the doctor it isn’t but it is. If I miss mine I get flu like symptoms. It is awful. The body builds a tolerance and it becomes physical dependence fast.

Also it really doesn’t kill pain very well. What it does is help things like Tylenol, Ibuprophen, and Naproxen work much better. I take it with Naproxe. 500s.



Are good days ahead? I hope so


Hey @roxanna

I swear she rearranges her living room every other week. They are not bad people they just drive me nuts once in a while.


Yeah my neighbors move furniture for a different reason. Sounds like a nervous breakdown.


Ahhh. Yes. I shaved and showered. Made my bed. Gonna clean up the kitchen a bit. Pull my garbage to the side of the road when my hair dries. So I accomplished a little something today.

Note: I shaved that zit right off. Wasn’t thinking then.


Crap. I think @ThePoeticSkunk is slowly falling into a depression again. I feel it in my chest and throat first when it starts coming back.


Do you have alot of snow there?


Well not too much atm. The temperature is below freezing now. How about in your area?



I wrote it in another thread, but I’ll share it here, too. I applied for a writer position at the company my husband has an interview at. It’d be so cool if we both got jobs there. They pay relo!


It snowed earlier. So it’s enough to cover the grass but the roads are just wet. It is cold though.


Is that for a technical writer position? Wishing you the best. That would be nice for you guys.



It’s a writer for SOPs with software. I’m great at that sort of thing. My MA project was on technology, so it seemed relevant.