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Dang Boogaloo. I hope you get it sorted out. 500 dollars a month adds up quick.


I’m about to watch The Price is Right. I woke up feeling incredibly bored. Luckily, I don’t feel depressed so far and no voices either.


Most drug companies have patient assistance programs for people with no insurance. That’s how I get my Abilify shots in spite of having no insurance. Those things are somewhere between $2000-3000 per shot. You could ask your doctor or nurse if there is such a program for the Invega shots.


I’ve finally got around to writing out my appeal. im explaining that I can’t afford these meds im court ordered to take without Medicaid. also im explaining that I have negatives that make this whole procedure a big hassle to deal with. and that I need other services that Medicaid provides like rides to the grocery and rides to dr. appointments.

I can drop it off at the local fssa office here in town. it’s a little late but my nurse told me to take it in anyways and they will deal with it.

im going to have to go before a Medicaid judge for the appeal. what a hassle. im going to mention what a big deal this is with negatives.


That’s a great idea. Hopefully everything will turn out well. I read the story you shared a few days ago. It was thoroughly entertaining and a good read.


thank you. Im a little embarrassed I shared it. thought it might get flagged. it’ll be locked in a couple weeks and only people who click on my profile will see it. im ok with that.


I’m back home after an appointment. She wants to try clozapine but not until Feb because I’m leaving January 5th and am going to be in California for three weeks. I love being there, mostly because there’s so much to do, so many places within walking distance, I wouldn’t even need a car if I lived there.


so the appeal says I must give them a letter in writing. does that mean I have to actually write it out? or can I just type it and sign it?


You can type it and sign it.


thanks, that will be much easier.


mom’s making beets. the room smells like beets. I started eating beets a couple years ago because I had read about their supposed cardiovascular benefits. there supposed to increase blood flow or something to do with nitric oxide in the body. I ate a lot of them, I didn’t notice any cardiovascular benefit but while I was eating them I noticed my willy was stretchier and rubbery. not fleshy like I like it. so I stopped eating beets. and that’s my story about beets.


Time to watch Ant Man and the Wasp. I am already a day late returning it to red box.


There is a patient assistance program for invega sustenna. I used to be on it


Howdy folks. Hope all is well. I should shower. Been a bit of a stretch. I know skunks are known to smell but sheesh.


Hey Skunk, hope you’re doing well. I’m probably going to lie down soon, try to catch a pre-work nap.


Yeah i used to get my meds through the patient assistance programs before i was on Medicare. It really helps when you have no money for prescriptions.


Had a shower. So fresh and so clean!


I love that pop up band Dream Street. Yes I raved over them.

Tried to say with a straight face


There are two albums that are basically the soundtrack to my depression. When all other videos cease to be interesting i can fall back on them. I’m listening to one of them now.


well I quit the cigarettes. it was no big deal I was never a prolonged smoker. but the coffee is a harder habit to kick. I’ve had 6 or 7 cups today. I drank so much i’m sick of it. I’ve been drinking coffee now for about 8years. boy how time has flown, I think it may also be a reason for my weight gain and slow metabolism and lack of libido and cholesterol and other things. so im going to try to go without it. I only have withdrawals for a couple days but then my dad will give me coffee and i’ll drink some again. I find I waste like an hour or two in the morning drinking coffee and searching the net. just going to wake up and have breakfast from now on. one more cup and I then I quit.