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@goldenrex, have you seen the TZ episode A World of Difference? The one where the guy tries to become the character he’s playing?


That doesn’t sound super familiar, of course there are so many episodes!

Is that a good one?


Yes! I found parallels with my own experience of psychosis. It was filmed in such a way that I found it really eerie!

How do you watch them? Streaming on hulu?



I watch them streaming or on during the “chain reaction” back to back episodes on SciFi.


Are you watching the newer one or the older one?


Mostly older ones, but I like some of the newer ones though.

My favorite episode is “Tiny Invaders”.


I don’t like the newer one very much at all…I never managed to watch any of them. :grin:

I like some of the episodes of the original series (not all of them!). Esp the ones in which I can identify with characters’ loss of sanity, since I’ve been there before.

Never seen the one about the tiny ppl though…gonna google it rn!


I un-deleted it for you.


Yeah, the one with the little buzz lightyear toy, right? :laughing:

I really liked the one aoubt the guy trying to live in the dollhouse, and also the one where there are aliens in the diner, also the one where the guy keeps reliving his dream a little bit differently forever. They always manage to creep me out, even if I go in tough.

My favorite is the one I mentioned, though.

The one where the guy starts believing he is the character he plays on tv. It was so eerie! I think I searched “twilight zone episodes about mental illness” on google to decide on it…

You should watch it! S’great!


Going to bed y’all. Goodnight from Texas


Good night everyone, turning in early tonight.



Because the cart is tilted, the two side plastic foldable panels tend to fall inward and end up blocking any attempt to load the cart.

So I glued a couple of strong magnets that I had removed from dead computer hard drives onto the side panels. Now the side panels are attracted to the metal side wires. Problem solved.

That was the excitement of the day.


I was in remission for a few hours today, I think its because I’ve been taking ativan for 2 days, I was reading bits of some books and could Kind of understand it. Also went on facebook and pruned and added 2 childhood friends. Also went for a slow jog where I listened to chuck p and bret easton e podcasts on youtube + a bit of brets interview with kanye. Also watched a full episode of family guy which I had seen before, but actually understood it this time, same with south park. Also watched some youtube clips on 5g and read some news from back home. Hopefully this lasts, gonna take .5mg ativan right now. It makes me normal. I love to remember everything. Now sleep, its an hour past midnight.




Come now @Moonbeam you’ve just had too much sun. You know that cat is funny. The dog didn’t mind. Don’t be a Vampire just embrace your Werewolfness. :grinning:



The dog’s reaction to that cute kitty is golden.



Hey @Montezuma. You up?

I’m still wide awake at 3:00 AM. I need a furry friend to while away the night with. How’s your kitty doing?


Hey there Skunk!

Yep I’m awake :slight_smile:

How’s your night going? Jimmy is well, he was lovin’ on me earlier. :blush:


Oh. I’m okay. Just a little emotional about the past. I’ll be okay. Just need to simmer down here. I’m glad you have Jimmy. He sounds wonderful.



Awww. Yeah, it’s tough. The blues singer John Lee Hooker once sang “Don’t look back.” I think he meant to try hard not to live in the past.

It’s hard though when traumatic things happen.

I hope you fully heal from your trauma one day.

Yeah, Jimmy is awesome hahaha :blush: He’s soooo sweet.