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Oh yeah. At Wendy’s one time this guy tried to sell my mom and I and her boyfriend walking sticks. Wtf? My mom kindly listened to him while I just kept eating that slop. I didn’t give a ■■■■. Lol


Sounds delicious. Hope they turn out good.


I had a slice of pumpkin pie and domino’s pizza with pineapple and mushrooms. I got a whole pumpkin pie on sale at seven eleven for $3.00.


I just got home, was on the go all day. I left here early to go observe a lecture and a lab for the course I’ll be teaching next semester. It was interesting, and the professor and I talked a bit about the course, and I got some paperwork done while I was there.

I had Taco Bell for lunch, love Taco Bell.

Then I went to go teach, which went well. It was just exam review in both lectures, then I just gave an exam in lab, nice and easy.


Glad things went well for you today. Can’t go wrong with Taco Bell!


My blood pressure was 138/96 today. My resting heart rate has gone from the 60s to 90. I’m eating healthy and exercising. I’m supposed to be healthy so why is this saying other wise. My psychiatrist swears up and down its not the medication, but how can we be sure??


I believe @Om_Sadasiva has a similar issue.


I have something like this too. 140 over 90 blood pressure and my heart beats kinda fast too. I’m drinking hibicus tea to try to lower it. Next time I see the nurse I will find out if it lowers it. I know I’m older than you too. Medication can raise your blood sugar and cholesterol. Not suppose to rside your blood pressure. Although alot of people with this illness and up with heart disease. I hope you don’t smoke. It could of been that you were under a lot of stress too. That can contribute to it.


Ok peeps have a good evening.


Enjoy your mushroom and pineapple pizza!


I’m waiting for an hour right now. It is slow.


What are you waiting for?


A friend. He normally works from 5 PM to 2 AM 7 days a week. Today he worked from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. He’s one of the closest friends I have. I’m amazed by his work ethic. He’s been working 7 days a week for a few years now. I wouldn’t blame him if he flakes. Adjusting to a new schedule can be tough.


Took a shower!

I’m so fresh, so clean clean.

Now I can enjoy my nice clean sheets too.


Well done, @goldenrex! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hah I hadn’t showered in three days until today. I must have been stinky so I can relate to feeling fresh and clean.



Good to hear you had pleasant and productive day.


Yeah, it was pretty good.

How was your day?



Did a lot of laundry,

Had a nurse and OT come to the house for my mother in law.

That’s busy for us anyway.


Well, at least you had a productive day.

I desperately need to do laundry, but I hate going to the laundromat.