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I might hit the sack soon. I got a lot of exercise today. So I’m a little tired.

Since I couldn’t find any decent flannels at the thrift store, I picked up a couple at Wally World.


Good night Monte. I just came back from therapy. I’m gonna chill and make a chicken breast wrapped in bacon in a bit here.


Ya if you think the cops are out to get you I could see where it could be triggering.

I think some faction of the federal government is out to get me but I never narrowed it down to one agency or another.

I think my house is bugged and my phones are tapped but I have never had any trouble with the police. I have never been arrested.

The criminals on those shows are usually always so dumb it’s entertaining. It makes my problems seem smaller.


Dakota and Sheba at Doggie Play Camp. Making friends. They are the huskies.


I’m guessing Sheba is the one in the bottom photo. Either way they both look like awesome friends to have. Huskies are sweet pups. My uncle had an Alaskan Malamute…man I loved him. My sister has a Mastiff…we call him the big baby. He’s so easygoing.


Sheba is the white one with blue eyes. Dakota has brown eyes. Sheba is AKC Husky. Dakota is a wolf hybrid.

Thanks. They are great. My wife thinks they are too much to handle though. They are both still puppies.

This is my third wolf hybrid. The first one I had was mixed with Malamute. He was a big dog. Weighed 180 before he passed. Sasha and Dakota were both mixed with Husky. They both weighed/weigh 50 pounds.

Steele was the big one and Sasha both lived about 15 years each. I had to put them both down for bad hips. Couldn’t walk anymore.

It was a massive undertaking carrying out a 180 pound dog to go do his business that can’t walk.

My wife doesn’t want to go through that again.


Oh I’m sorry Tomcat. I’m glad you took care of the old fella in his last days. So what it be fair to say the wolf hybrid pup is more mischievous than the AKC husky? I heard those wolf hybrids need firm but gentle discipline. Well, so I heard anyways


Just had a meeting with my social worker and nurse. They are both pleasantly surprised that my mood has been stable. Got signed up for patient assistance for Vraylar. Over all it was a nice visit, I only worry that this stability won’t last that long.


Dakota is almost three so she is almost out of the puppy phase. She is better trained.

Sheba is only one so she gets into more trouble. She is not as disciplined. They have both eaten our furniture. We can’t have nice things.

From my experience from 3 on they all make great pets. They are pack animals and the males tend to get attached to my wife and the females get attached to me. Steele hated men but he did warm up to me. He was no watch dog but as big as he was everybody was scared of him. But if a man walked in the room he hid under the table. He loved women though

The females I have had don’t seem scared of women but they both identified with me more.


The Husky is more mischievous. Somehow I deleted my post. Not going to type all that again.


No problem. I’m a speed reader so I got it. :grinning:


Which episodes were you watching @goldenrex?


Where’s the picture of you Tom with your dogs?


I don’t have one. Will have to get someone to snap one some day.


Okay. Okay. Hard part’s over. The bacon wrapped chicken breast is in the toaster oven. Hope it turns out. I don’t have a conventional oven as my small place won’t allow it.


I’m getting super stoked about the possibility of getting a Vietnamese Centipede. Man I love ferocious creatures.

And those shiny big teethed fish that live in the dark at the bottom of the ocean. Man the Mods must have a sense of humor.


I didn’t eat too well today. Three donuts for breakfast. Burger King for lunch and McDonald’s for dinner.

Just had to get me another McRib. They aren’t advertising them anymore but they still have them.

I don’t know for how much longer.


What pisses me off is that Mackies no longer offers the dollar sausage breakfast burritos. ■■■■…I loved those things with ranch and picante sauce. I just don’t want to pay the $2.50 for each now.



This guy at Mackies bribed me with three free sausage burritos in exchange for a stellar QA report. Did I do it? Hell yes. IDGARA. They were free. Wtf. Lol


A guy at McDinalds tried to sell me a snake skin iPhone charging cable. He probably really needed the money but it was ugly as sin. He wanted $20 for it.

He had a drink so I assume he ate something or I would have offered him a sandwich.