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I may be thrifting too in a few. My pickings have been oddly dry lately. I don’t know if it’s the season or what. Maybe after Christmas when people donate old stuff I may hit paydirt.


I found a Hamilton Beach brewstation for $6. That was my good find for this year.


I bought a little cube stand to put a television on. It was new in the box. I brought it home and it was missing about 15 cents worth of hardware and they gave me 50 percent off.

I went to Lowe’s and bought some wooden dowels. It needed three of them.

My wife wants to put it together. Not sure why. But when she finishes I will snap a picture. But basically I got a brand new tv stand for $20. Not a bad deal. All the ones at target or Best Buy were over $100.


I haven’t been finding anything cool lately either. It could be the season. You’re probably right in regards to that.

I might go to another thrift store later with my mom though.

I’m looking for a funky pair of retro sandals hahaha.


Why oh why do I want a Vietnamese Centipede? Or a To-Kay lizard. Both are mean as hell. I like this stuff I guess.



@Montezuma @TomCat
I volunteer in a thrift store that supports a nursing home! It is little, but they cram a lot of stuff in there. I love looking at everything and end up spending a dollar or two every time I go in. :slight_smile:


I think the worst part of taking a shower is putting your clothes back on. I would go for a good soak in the tub now. but I hate drying off and re-clothing. im so bored I got nothing to do I wish it was night so I could just go to sleep.


I was watching Live PD clips on Youtube but i decided to click off of it. When i saw my pdoc the other day we talked about me watching Live PD and Cops all the time is probably not good for my paranoia. I don’t know if it really matters or not.


I used to watch some of that. one time when I was picked up the guy took me to the er to be evaluated and he was recording for some reason, I was a little worried about who would see it. I didn’t do anything, I just was trying to refuse a ekg or something they were trying to run because they asked me to take my shirt off and they were recording. also the nurse said if I didn’t pee in a cup she was going to put in a catheter. so the cop held the cup and I pee’d in it. they documented it I believe. It was weird. and everybody but the head nurse was younger than me.


I watch Live PD and Cops all the time. They are the only reality shows I like.

I haven’t had any problems.


My biggest problem with taking a shower is doing my hair. I wear it pulled back because the curls are all frizzy if I blow dry, and it takes forever to dry. Instead, I pull it up so my wet hair is out of my way. I put Garnier Fructis Sleek n’ Shine leave-in conditioner in it, and it’s kinda slimy when wet, so I don’t like to do it. I just hate having wet hair.


Fancy Feast. Good taste is easy to recognize. Rrrrraaawwwww.

I used to eat little bits of Meowmix when I fed my old cat. She didn’t mind. Nyum


No cat food for me- I gotta have a Wawa!


My old cat Soxy was the sweetest girl ever. She’d sleep with me at night… right between my legs of course but hey cats sleep in mysterious ways.


She said that because i told her i was afraid the cops were gonna arrest me and set me up for something i didn’t do. It may not make a difference, i don’t know.


I watched two of the charlies angels show, how tv was different back then, big cars, people smoking on the show,no cell phones lol, seems like it was a hit only yesterday how life changes so fast :frowning:


I know,

I was watching old Twilight Zone episodes the other day and everyone was smoking,

Men, women, children…

Just kidding about the children, but you know what I mean.


took a bath, dad got pizza, and im drinking some peach tea. feeling much better. I was depressed all day but I feel normal again. still looking to move and get away from driving though.


I really need to take a shower tonight,

But I really don’t want to.

My hair is still falling out and every time I wash it, it’s just terrifying.

Washed my bedding as added motivation to get clean,

Hope it works, usually does.

Its been a week since I took a shower and I’m feeling pretty gross,

Dry shampoo only goes so far.


Just found out my grandma told my aunt about my sexual assualt. I don’t blame my grandma as she had to talk about it with someone. My aunt just disclosed something similar to me 8 minutes ago about something from her childhood. It’s amazing how fractured this world really is.