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I’m not into horror movies anymore, but I loved the Friday the 13th movies when I was a kid. I never got into Nightmare on Elm Street.


Watching a horror movie at a friend’s house in 1st grade is what started my paranoia and fearfulness. It just broke something inside me.


I almost bought Hitman yesterday for PS4 at the pawn shop but I decided to wait. I need to try Red Dead. I hear good things about it.

I hear you about horror movies being a trigger. If I’m symptomatic then I avoid them.


I just got my Charlies Angels DVD, original series in the mail :smiley:


Today I got notified that I medically qualify for disability! Been trying to get it for 2 years now. Latuda isn’t really doing much yet, though I am able to be higher functioning on it.


It’s just after 10, and I’m about to try sleeping. I’m getting up at 6 tomorrow, have a long day ahead of me.


That’s great, @tukey! You’ll get plenty of backpay after waiting for so long. I hope the disability really helps you. I know it did me. We were able to get two cars with our backpay. (I’d like to add, that was just down payments- we couldn’t afford two whole cars; we had too many medical bills to pay off!)


That’s great T! Even though I don’t comment much on your posts it seems like you’ve been struggling for quite a while. Hopefully this will un-shoulder some of your burdens. SSDI was a godsend for me so wishing you the best.



I went to Walmart today too. Bought socks etc
laundry waiting for the bus and the ■■■■■■■ soed pass me while I waving my goddam bus ticket.then some ■■■■■■■ tried to lure me to his struck. I ran back into the store.
People are getting on my nerves


So my apartment building was sold to new owners. I might angle to see if they’ll let me get a cat. Small place though so if they approved I’d have to think long and hard if a cat would be happy. IDK. I’m probably just being foolish for thinking this.


This is a good watch, play it.


I passed my final exam!!


Congratulations @Hanna_Foxx

Please make many happy smiles.



I slept for only two hours, and now I’m wide awake. Who else is up?


I think that graveyard shift is really messing with your sleep.


Yeah, that definitely could be.


On a positive note, I didn’t drink any alcohol tonight.


I have to be up in 6 hours, but I did a dumb and worked out right before bedtime. Now my stomach is growling at me because I’ve not felt like eating lately and I’m hyper and can’t sleep. But 5am is going to hot me like a cinder block to the face if I don’t fall asleep soon.

Also, I decided I’m going to start running again. I love running and I miss it so much. Hopefully it’ll help me lose a little weight, too. I plan to start C25K day one tomorrow. I’m hoping I can stay motivated. I really need this.


I fell asleep this morning and slept through the whole day, just woke up now. Curses!


2:15 AM and I’m up. I watched Funny Games again. No calligraphy today. I decided to launch a new breath refresher business. I’m gonna call it Ka Ka Mints. That special breath for that special someone.