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I learned what I am getting for an early Christmas present! I get a Canon Rebel T6 and a Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume and lotion set along with a Lancome Beauty Box.

I am SO excited for the camera. It has a stabilization thingy, so my tremors won’t affect the photo! I haven’t had decent of Christmas in ages because of my tremors, and this year I will finally remedy that! I get it tomorrow, and I get my perfume set on the 6th.

Edited to add: I get my things early because my husband is getting his early. He’s getting a new subwoofer system for his car.


Okay I made it 40 seconds in. Good thing I have therapy tomorrow night. I may be scarred for life. Thanks for sharing though. Lol.


I think it tops Mase as the worst CD purchase.:grin:


Ya. Mace is a Rembrandt compared to Gravy Train.



@goldenrex, How are you amiga?

I got a new copy of Three Bags Full.

:smiley: I hope you’re well.


I kinda curious about those songs.


They’re fun party songs I guess. Very umm… crass.


I just got a phone call on my cell. It was a recording from a church asking if I would like someone to pray for me. I just hung up.


I’m doing pretty well!

I hope you love Three Bags Full,

Its light, fun reading, but its one of the best.

How have you been?


I get those sometimes too. I went to a church one time for a free dinner and they call once a month or so. Sometimes they wish be a happy Easter and such. Not the worst thing I guess. The pastor sounds like a WWE wrestler.


Yeah I have no idea how they got my number.



If I recall correctly, I think you said before that Three Bags Full was your favorite book.

I was feeling a little anxious earlier, but I am feeling better now :slight_smile: Overall though, this day has been pretty awesome.

I got free groceries earlier too! Haha.


Three Bags Full is my favorite book.

I’ve read it several times.

Sorry you were feeling anxious earlier, but I’m happy you’re feeling better.

Happy to hear you got some free groceries!


Thank you :blush: It’s really nice to chat with ya tonight.

I plan on starting the book fairly soon.



I hope you like it,

I really think you will.


Well, I’m finally home from the library. It took close to two hours, but I got the training modules done and printed my complete application. I just have to sign a few spots, then it can be faxed.

I’m going to take it with me tomorrow when I go to the satellite campus to sit in on a lecture and a lab. I hope I can take care of everything there, but I might have to drive to the main campus. A pain in the arse, but I’ll do it if I have to, to get things rolling.


Nobody will be getting mail tomorrow because George Bush passed away.


Yeah I saw this on the news @jassy22


Okay. The Nun was a well done horror movie. No complaints.


I can’t watch things like The Nun. I wish I could, but it’s a major trigger for me.

Ironically, I can play killin’ video games just fine (Red Dead Redemption 2, for example).