( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°) Say anything XXV 👑


I don’t know what to do with myself today. At some point soon I need to eat something to take my morning meds. I have nothing going on today, though.


Not really. But I think I’ve been whining too much here lately, so I’m trying not to take about my problems.


I’ve got nothing going on today either.

Some landscapers are supposed to come fix up the yard, but that’s about it.

I guess its just me, watching the First 48, cleaning, writing, same boring stuff.


Its not whining,

Sometimes you have to get it all out and this is the place for it.

Sorry you didn’t sleep well.


I used to love The First 48.


I still love it.

I like to try to pick the guys who are going to talk and the ones that are going to lawyer up.

After watching for a while, I’m pretty good.

Its a really interesting show.


Oh I’m sure I would still like it if I could watch it. I said “used to” because I haven’t had cable or satellite service for years.


Story of my life
Ordinary person just like you
If you take a look inside
You’ll see the great things that people do
Changing lives day and night
But nothing I do ever makes the news
Still I have to do what’s right
To the King of all kings, all praise is due


I love this song


I’m getting a headache, think it’s a migraine. Guess which pill is the only pill I forgot to bring to my grandparent’s house…
Oh lawd


I’m walking through the valley of test
And I never been away caught in the wilderness
The power of Jah perserves I
Riding in all that I do
So trodding through the heights and the depths
We trample frustration and we conquer stress
The power of Jah perserve I
And guides in all I do



that sucks, I haven’t been feeling well myself lately. I think im going backwards, I hope your doing better than a couple of days ago though. Take it ez people~


My first post in a say anything thread!

So glad it is Friday, only 2 more hours left at work then an hour drive then I am a bit more free than I am now!

It is payday too so I should be extra excited and I guess I am but I am just stuck watching the clock.

Tomorrow I visit my cousin who is disabled due to back issues and we are celebrating her turning 40. I am not sure if I should bring up my schizophrenia there or not, I just don’t know.


lunch time! I’m thinking eggs!


I wouldn’t bring it up. If someone asks you about it point-blank, then yeah, it’s up to you if you want to answer the question. I just wouldn’t talk about it if that’s not necessary.


Afternoon nap. Couple hours of sleep.


Went to the library’s used book store and got a few dinosaur books for the kid. But then I started seeing a lot of stuff and was getting a bit creeped out and had to leave.


You succeeded, though. I bet Baby LED loves the dino books!


I need help. I need a clinician I can trust to help me. I need someone that’s going to do their job and check in on me. I’m not doing very well right now and I can’t help but feel like if I was still getting the supervision and attention and care that I was getting at the old clinic, and am supposed to be getting now, that I wouldn’t be this bad off.

I’m feeling very frustrated and hopeless.


I wish you were being properly managed too.

Its hard to understand why they’re making it so difficult for you.

You or Mr. LED are going to have to give them the ole ex-girlfriend treatment,

Just keep calling and calling and calling and calling until you get what you want,

They’ll make accommodations for you, you just have to bug them enough.