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My therapy is so hard. It’s like a five credit class in how to be functional.


Your therapy sounds awesome.


I love it. It’s a closed, 12 week course with the same five other girls. I’m in the advanced group. We did the beginner’s group this winter, and we graduated.

Half the time, I come in and my first comment to our therapist is, “Seriously?! Are you trying to kill us with this crap?!” But it’s actually very helpful. Just super hard. Last week, we had to write down times in our lives when we have tried to shame others to deflect shame away from ourselves. Talk about things I don’t want to admit to doing!



I feel slightly better about something now. I accidentally grabbed baby food pouches at the food shelf thinking they were yogurt. Well, i didn’t want to throw them away so i tried one. It was oddly good and i still have one left. Lol!


They’re so great!


@Arlbar Can you drink some Ensure or a similar nutritional supplement drink?


Smokies! I should finish a movie. It’s only been three days for a two hour movie. I’m an hour into it. Start and stop. That’s my mantra.


Just talked to someone about that


Damn, I’m in bed, but wide awake, unable to sleep. It’s only 8:30.


How about some chamomile tea?


Yeah, I have some; it might help.


General quarters, general quarters, all hands man your battle stations, general quarters, general quarters, all hands man your battle stations, the reason for general quarters is enemy ship sighted 10,000 yards port side, now set condition zebra tbroughout the ship, all repair lockers report your readiness condition to the bridge

All my Navy folks will sure get flashback from all the countless training we had hearing that so many times :joy::sweat_smile::grin:


I made a list this morning of things I wanted to accomplish today,

And I got them all done.

The house is clean,

Washed my sheets,

And I’m taking a shower before bed.

It was a pretty successful day.

I’m proud.


Haha. I just ordered a large pizza for delivery. Mushroom and Jalapenos. I bet they are wondering what weirdo lives here. :blush:


Ok, I’m back in bed with a cup of chamomile tea brewing on the night stand.


Great plan!

Hope it helps you get to sleep quickly.

Its just now getting to be dinner time here,

I can’t decide if I want to make the fancy hamburgers or salmon.

How was the goulash?


I bet in your region the fresh salmon is delicious :yum:


How you doing this evening @LED?


The goulash was great, as always.

It’s not really bedtime for me, I normally go to bed around midnight, so it’s hard to say if the chamomile will put me to sleep. I just don’t want to be awake. I did wake up earlier than usual, though.


What is involved in a “fancy hamburger?”